Arcadia could help you save on your monthly power bill, while doing good for the planet

The world is holding its collective breath. As states begin cautiously reopening, no one is sure exactly what to expect. But one thing is clear: most Americans are worried about their bank accounts.

By the end of March, the average American household was spending 40 percent less on their credit cards than they were one year before. No one is sure what's to come, so in the meantime, almost everyone is hanging on to every dollar and finding every means possible to save money.

While everyone knows they can phase out trips to Starbucks or cut back on services like yard work or the cable bill to save cash, far fewer people living in states with competitive electricity markets realize they actually have the ability to shop around for a less expensive energy supplier. By taking advantage of that, you can lower your power bill. 

Arcadia does that shopping around for you, offering a free online platform to potentially save money on your monthly power bill while also supporting renewable energy.

Users open a free, no-strings, and no-fees Arcadia account, link it to their existing power company, then let Arcadia get to work. Using their relationships and the aggregate buying power of their members, Arcadia negotiates exclusively low rates from energy suppliers, saving their members up to hundreds of dollars per year. Depending on what they paid for energy previously, some members in competitive states save 20% on their electricity bills through Arcadia.

Arcadia also matches each member with clean energy projects. Because Arcadia integrates with your existing utility company, they track how much energy you use and then buy renewable energy certificates on your behalf to offset your usage. Track your environmental impact through your Arcadia dashboard. You can even pay your utility bill automatically through Arcadia if you connect a payment method to your account. As a bonus, they'll never charge you fees to pay with a credit card.

While saving money is an immediate benefit, your relationship with Arcadia also pushes the renewable energy cause forward. Arcadia also supports community solar projects in several states. The solar energy produced by these projects is less expensive than fossil fuels, and it's also preferred by utilities. So not only do Arcadia customers save money, but they're also making it easier for utilities to make solar and wind the norm rather than the exception.

Right now, new members who sign up for a free Arcadia account will also get a $20 Amazon gift card just for becoming part of the Arcadia family. This is certainly the easiest financial decision you'll make this month.