Learn how you can effectively sell your stuff on eBay with this blueprint guide

Over 25 years, eBay has carved out its space as the commerce hub of choice online. With 182 million users worldwide, that works out to about 35 percent of all US mobile users who shop those eBay storefronts. 

But did you know there are usually around 1.3 billion — with a B — active for-sale items on eBay at any given moment? When you do the math, that means there are about seven offers for every single one of those 182 million users. So the trick for any eBay retailer is making sure what they're selling stands out enough to get noticed and turn browsers into customers.

While it isn't always easy, there are some critical steps to be found in The Essential eBay Sellers Blueprint Bundle that can help light the way.

This collection of four courses only takes about 13 hours to complete, but once it's completed, you'll have a much deeper understanding of what works for sellers and what doesn't in the world's biggest online marketplace.

For those whose experience with the platform doesn't extend beyond a casual bid or two, the Complete eBay Course: From Beginner to Advanced is a thorough primer on how eBay really works for a retailer. This introduction explains it all, with proven step-by-step tactics for everything from creating listings that draw customers to little known eBay "hacks" from a teaching system that's helped 300,000 learn to sell their wares on eBay.

Of course, many sellers would prefer to graduate from selling their household odds and ends into creating an ongoing eBay store with a consistent revenue stream. The Ultimate eBay Sellers Blueprint: Build Your eBay Empire takes your training to the next level as users get familiar with concepts like dropshipping, importing, creating private label products, and building your own brand to build a returning base of paying customers.

But if you want to be a true online retail outlet, why stop at eBay? Courses like Amazon FBA and eBay: 33 Hot Product Sourcing Strategies and Automated Product Sourcing System for eBay and Amazon guide sellers through the next stage in the process, including expanding to having your own Amazon FBA storefront.

With this training, students learn how to source merchandise that people want, spot secret deals to get inventory at the lowest possible price, create their own exclusive dropshipping arrangements, and even how to spy on top power sellers to start making money the same way they do.

There's also a deep exploration of how to succeed in the high-profit collectibles market, developing a continuous flow of high-profit products with very little competition from other eBay sellers that can turn 100, 500, even 1,000 percent profits.

Before you know it, you'll be on your way to an automated, sustained online retail business that makes money even when you're enjoying the other parts of your life. The course package is usually a $796 value, but right now, it's available for just $29.99.

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The Essential eBay Sellers Blueprint Bundle – $29.99

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