Here's your Father's Day Gift Guide…so you better choose wisely

Father's Day is June 21st, otherwise known as the roughest shopping day of the year. Don't get us wrong, Dad deserves an awesome gift for all the great things he gave you. But let's be honest — buying for your father is often a chore. 

Your gift has to take into account what he already has, what he wants, what he'll use, and what will actually elicit a smile. And if it also sends the message that he was a pretty great Dad and you feel lucky to have him…well, that's bonus points.

To help streamline the process, we've assembled 40 cool Father's Day ideas into this handy gift guide. And on top of that, you can also get an additional 15 percent off when you use the code GIFTFORDAD15 during checkout. On top of the fun gift, he'll also give you props for being smart.

And a hint to all you dads out there — send this link to your kids with a couple of helpful suggestions. They'll appreciate your usual well-reasoned guidance. As always.

For the well-groomed Dad

Popeye Shaving Gift Set – $42.49 after discount; originally $61.99


It's a collection worthy of The Sailor Man himself, a three-step shave regimen of pre-shave oil, shave cream, and a post-shave lotion that'll clean up the scruffiest of sea dogs. Well, blow me down!

Brutus Beard Company 3-Piece Gift Set – $33.99 after discount; originally $50.99

The beard deserves all the treatment Dad gives the hair on his head, so this all-natural, chemical-free assortment featuring a 3-in-1 beard wash cleaner, a beard balm conditioner and some beard oil to maintain a manly mane that holds, feels soft and looks well-groomed.

LVL Shave Co. Ultimate Neck Groomer – $47.59 after discount; originally $69


No more unwanted cuts and scraggly trimmings now that this personal neck groomer with 3 interconnected razor strips and two handles carefully shaves the back of Dad's neck for a quick, fresh cleanup.

Burberry Weekend Eau De Toilette for Men – $18.69 after discount; originally $55

After his shave, Dad can slap on this light, invigorating fragrance. It couples just a touch of citrus, including fresh lemon, grapefruit, and sweet tangerine, with natural scents like oakmoss, ivy leaves, sandalwood, and even a touch of honey for a fresh, clean aroma.

Tommy Bahama Island Life Men's Eau de Cologne Spray – $21.21 after discount; originally $70


If Dad enjoys a richer scent, this Tommy Bahama variety brings notes of bergamot, nutmeg, and cedar to the table in a warm, spicy, masculine scent that matures — just like good old Dad.

For the kitchen wizard

Sukasu Osami 3-Pc Chef's Knife Set – $33.99 after discount; originally $99.99

Forged from ultra-durable 3CR13 stainless steel, these Sukasu Osami blades are the true kitchen weapons any well-armed chef demands. The 8-inch chef knife, 5-inch utility knife and 3.5-inch paring knife will have Dad effortlessly slicing and dicing ingredients with ultra-flexible blades built to last.

Glass Coffee Dripper Set – $49.29 after discount; originally $68


Born in Japan under the philosophy of creating instinctively, this compact coffee dripper set made of heat-resistant glass lets you do just that — simply put your coffee filter in the dripper, pour hot water, then watch Dad's steaming hot cup of joe materialize.

FrankOne Brewer and FrankCoffee – $84.15 after discount; originally $128

The FrankOne Brewer uses its vacuum "VacTec" process to pull water through a bed of ground coffee, extracting more flavor with less bitterness and acidity in a shorter amount of time. Dad also gets to sample FrankCoffee, specially designed for the FrankOne, with a chocolatey bite and a mellow, yet lightly citrusy aftertaste.

For the grillhound

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves – $16.99 after discount; originally $49.99

Made of silicone, ultra-high strength Dayan aramid fiber and polyester cotton, these heat-resistant gloves are the perfect protection from the dangers of high heat cooking, baking or grilling. They're flexible enough to hold kitchen utensils, yet strong enough to withstand temperatures up to 1,472°F. Let's see Dad not find these useful.

Connect-it BBQ Tool Set – $33.99 after discount; originally $49.99


The Connect-it set features magnetic handles that clamp on to high-quality stainless steel spatula and fork attachments that can also be teamed up and configured into tongs or a handy server. Instead of arranging utensils like John Wick's weapons case, now Dad will have all the tools in one resourceful handle.

Slide and Serve BBQ Skewers Bundle (3 Sets) – $31.44 after discount; originally $46.98

These unique slide and serve skewers prevent food from falling off or turning on the grill so everything cooks evenly and in place. They've even got fun steer and fish motifs, so no matter whether you're grilling shrimp, beef, chicken or veggies, Dad will also look good doing it. 

Otto Lite: Professional 1,500°F Steak Grill – $594.15 after discount; originally $899

When Dad doesn't want to fire up the giant grill, the Otto Grill Lite can still serve up steakhouse-quality steaks quick and easy with a delicious, crunchy sear that seals in juices and flavor. With simultaneously controlled radiant infra-red burners spitting out extreme temperatures up to 1,500°F, you'll need supreme control for the ideal heat for cooking steak, meat fish or even pizza to perfection. 

Firepod: Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven – $305.99 after discount; originally $400


Speaking of pizza, this modular oven is not only pizza-ready, but capable of handling BBQ griddle work or even a lava stone cook, all in one unit. Dad just has to change out the cooking sets depending on the meal — and this versatile, portable multi-purpose oven and grill does the rest.

GrillEye Pro Plus: Hybrid Grilling & Smoking Thermometer – $84.99

For the true grill master, the GrillEye Pro Plus monitors up to 8 different temperatures at once, so no matter what Dad's cooking or smoking (or both,) it'll be perfect — and you'll never have to guess. The unit also syncs to an app via WiFi or Bluetooth, so just set preferences, fire up a smartphone and cook — even when Dad isn't standing right in front of his grill.

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Bundle – $28.04 after discount; originally $36.97

And when it's finally time to clean up, the Q-Swiper uses its bristle-free, wire-free method to safely wipe away grease and grime so the barbecue is all set for a clean, healthy grill next time. With 65 cleaning wipes, this will mean the end of Dad's grungy old grill brush…and good riddance.

For the resourceful dad — under $50

KOLD Vacuum Insulated Bottle – $15.29 after discount; originally $29.99

This bottle has stainless steel double walls with the air vacuumed out — so there's literally nothing to transfer heat or cold to the beverage, keeping it at Dad's perfect temperature. Those double walls also help prevent odor or rust. Even while it shares space in a bag with his smelly gym clothes, the leak-proof KOLD will make sure Dad's water, tea or even hot coffee are always drink-ready.

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen – $25.49 after discount; originally $41.99

With an AXL-metal tip housed in an anodized aluminum shaft, the eco-friendly Omega lets you write comfortably and smudge-free — with no ink in sight. You get a perfect line every time without ever needing sharpening. In fact, it never runs out so it might be the last pen your Dad will ever need.

Carbon Fiber Compact Key Holder + EDC Tools Pack – $25.49 after discount; originally $40


This compact keyholder and multi-tool fits up to 18 common key shapes and a host of valuable accessory tools so Dad's pockets aren't a jumble of keys and bulk. With a brass door opener, bottle opener, sim opener, mini spray bottle keychain, retractable keychain, and more. Made from carbon fiber, stainless steel and brass, this is a one-stop answer for any well-equipped Dad.

Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle – $39.94 after discount; originally $61.97

Speaking of multi-tools, you could also help Dad gear up with this modular organizer that puts everything into one modern, streamlined design. In addition to keys, you can also attach a pocket knife, a mini-flashlight, a lost and found tracker and a 10-in-1 multi-tool attachment to do virtually anything at a moment's notice.

For the resourceful dad — $75 and up

Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler – $65.44 after discount; originally $89


Tape measures are so last century. The Rollova measures everything from flat surfaces to curved objects across all kinds of materials, all with perfect precision. The digital OLED screen offers exact measurement info from a compact gadget that slips easily into your pocket.

Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 – $71.35 after discount; originally $99

Another friend to the craftsman, this one-touch sensor can match the color of any wall, object or surface to more than 100,000 different paint colors so you'll always find the perfect match. If Dad is an artist or just handy around the house, this versatile design tool takes all the guesswork out of all the equation. See a color you like? Just zap it, store it in the app, then find it later from any major retailers.

Dave Jr. Duffel Bag – $125.99 after discount; originally $139

With an 18-ounce waterproof tarpaulin body and armor-plated SuperFabric bottom, this heavy-duty bag offers Dad a lifetime of reliability and usefulness. Built for all manner of outdoor adventuring, the Dave Jr. also features the new custom-fitted dry bag liner that protects all your stuff from getting wet. This is a do-it-all bag that absolutely doesn't mess around.

The BeachBox Portable Shower & Storage – $107.09 after discount; originally $199.99

If Dad is a beach guy, this is like having a shower that fits in the back of your car. Designed for outdoorsmen and water lovers, this unit is loaded with features like a non-slip changing lid, dry gear section, wet and dry divider slides, mini storage tubs and a removable and insulated BeachBox shower tank that holds almost 2 gallons of water for quick spray-downs after a picking up all that sand and grime.

Memo Box 7-Day Super Intelligent Pill Box – $144.49 after discount; originally $199


For the Dad who — ahem — forgets to take his meds or vitamins, the Memo Box is a not-so-subtle reminder. Connected to a mobile app, the Memo Box organizes pills, sets reminders to take medications, tracks intake — and it'll even tattle on Dad to Mom if he doesn't follow the program. 

For the gearhead

DIY Sprayable Vinyl Wrap Kits: 20" to 22" Wheel Kit – $69.66 after discount; originally $88


Dad can give the rims on his BMW a serious makeover with this complete DIY wrap kit. The peelable, sprayable vinyl wrap secures right to a car's wheels to offer a cool, new high-gloss,UV, chemical, and scratch-resistant finish in a variety of colors — and you don't even have to take your car into the body shop to get it done perfectly.

For the techhead

Monster Mounts Home Theater TV LED Backlight Kit – $12.74 after discount; originally $19.99

These LED strips emit 16 static colors and four dynamic color themes and go right behind the TV screen to reduce eye strain in dark lighting. It's not only cool, ambient light to give that home theater an even more professional look, it's all-in on protecting Dad's vision as well. There's even a remote to cycle through light modes all from the couch.

RepliTronics USB Charge Machine – $42.49 after discount; originally $59.99

While the 80s may be gone, this sixth-scale replica of an old-school arcade change machine will give everybody flashbacks. And while it's fun to look at, it's main function is as a full-service power hub, with 6 USB ports to help charge up all your devices simultaneously. If you're going to charge up, this awesome throwback makes sure you do it with some flair.

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook Set – $59.49 after discount; originally $85

The notebook goes high tech. Write anything on these 42 futuristic synthetic pages packed with calendars, to-do lists, and notetaking layouts, push a button and all those notes get saved to any of the top cloud services. Made with patented reusable Core technology, the pages magically wipe clean with a damp cloth for continued reuse — and Dad will still have a record of all of his greatest ideas up in the cloud.

VBX Pro Handheld Massage Therapy Gun – $118.99 after discount; originally $499

Whether he's a workout beast or could just use some muscle soothing, this oscillating vibration gun will have Dad singing its praises. With its seven attachable heads, this handheld machine improves overall heart rate, reduces cellulite, tones muscles, improves flexibility, increases bone density, reduces pain, and a lot more.

For the audiophile

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs – $25.49 after discount; originally $39.95


For loud environments, the Eargasms' patent-pending design filters out high-end and low-end noise to keep the soundwaves hitting Dad's ears at a manageable, safe level. These soft silicone low-profile plugs preserve the clarity of speech and the richness of music while making sure the damaging effects of loud noise never reach the eardrum.

Marshall Mode EQ Wired Earphones – $46.74 after discount; originally $99.99

With the Marshall name, Dad can expect the best in-ear headphones on the planet — and he just might get 'em. Fitted with customized drivers to produce well-balanced audio that boasts a clear midrange, extended highs and deep bass, Dad can even customize the sound with an EQ switch on the accompanying remote.

Altec Lansing ALT-500 Turntable – $63.71 after discount; originally $150

You don't have to convince Dad that turntables are cool — and this 3-speed belt-driven model can help him experience technology the good old fashioned way again. Packed with built-in stereo speakers, a host of modern features and Bluetooth connectivity with your favorite devices or speakers, the old stacks of wax have never sounded this good.

Marshall Acton II Wireless Smart Speaker – $186.99 after discount; originally $299.99

It looks just like the classic Marshall amp — and even as the tiniest speaker in the Marshall line-up, don't let its size fool you. This voice-driven speaker connects to everything, delivers a well balanced, powerful audio experience, and accepts Alexa voice commands to control not only it, but all the smart devices in your house. If this doesn't excite your tech-happy Dad, nothing will.

For the golfer

Izzo Triple-Chip Chipping Net – $20.39 after discount; originally $29.99

Any golfer will tell you the game is once in preparation — so this Izzo chipping net helps fine-tune the all-important short game. With quick popup assembly and three different targets to help sharpen Dad's skills, this can help shave a few strokes off the scorecard, for sure.

Callaway Executive Putting Mat – $33.99 after discount; originally $49.99

Once he's on the green, this putting mat from Callaway is designed with higher-quality materials to better simulate actual putting surfaces. Without the folds and creases of lesser mats, this one offers a truer roll as well as with-grain and against-grain speed variations to get that putting game where it should be.

Izzo Golf Sharp Shooter Putting Trainer and Game Set – $20.39 after discount; originally $29.99

If Dad's going to practice, he may as well have fun. Devised to help develop speed and accuracy, the hanging and swinging targets promote precision as he zeroes in on proper speed. You can even challenge him to some friendly competition — although if it's Father's Day, you might want to throw it.

PhiGolf: Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator – $212.49 after discount; originally $249

If Dad can't get out on the course, this simulator is the next best thing. With a state-of-the-art sensor system that monitors your real golf swing, this immersive game puts players on the world's best golf courses and lets them truly test their skills. Synced to the Phigolf app, you can take this simulator anywhere to play and feel like you're really powering through 18 holes.

Callaway Golf Trunk Locker – $47.59 after discount; originally $69.99

This locker with easy-access storage compartments, rigid wall dividers and easy-pull zippers even includes a mesh shoe compartment for proper ventilation. Dad can stow all his golf gear in one easy-to-reach place, then throw it into the back of the car for game day.

GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder – $76.49 after discount; originally $89.99

Push a button and the GoGolf GPS will immediately spot the distance on Dad's last shot and tell him just how far he's got to reach the pin. With precise readings synched through his smartphone via Bluetooth, he'll never have to guess about the best club to use or shot approach.

GOLFBUDDY Aim W10 GPS Golf Watch – $161.49 after discount; originally $209.99

The Aim W10 feeds all your stats right to your wrist, including accurate distance measurements to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as distances to targets and hazards. Pre-loaded with 40,000 golf courses across 170 countries, the Aim always knows your course and offers manual pin placement, a digital scorecard and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 13 hours.