You'll master Microsoft Excel and Power BI with this intensive training package

When you think of the single program that seems to absolutely epitomize business in all its forms, you probably think of Microsoft Excel. It's been around for three decades, it's the cornerstone of the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite and that neat, ordered grid of a spreadsheet is synonymous with 21st-century commerce.

While many have Excel on their resumes, far fewer actually know how to use this valuable business tool to the full extent of its power. Now, users can get the in-depth user knowledge to take your spreadsheet projects to their heights with the training in The 2020 Master Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle.

This collection brings together eight courses aimed at demystifying this venerable app, laying out the full scope of Excel's spreadsheet-loving, data-manipulating power.

Everything kicks off with Microsoft Excel – Excel with Excel Pivot Tables Bootcamp, the most comprehensive Excel Pivot Table online course ever created, packed with over 200 short targeted tutorials. Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced user, this course will offer the guidelines for analyzing data, formulating conclusions, and presenting findings in insightful, interactive ways. In fact, this course promises to turn users into advanced Excel experts within a week.

With the Bootcamp setting your baseline knowledge, the other seven courses cover major Excel topics, all in timeframes of two hours or less. Want to know how to use Power Query to bring data sets together for analysis? In 120 minutes, you will. How about integrating SQL Database Queries with your Excel sheets? You're 90 minutes away. Even lists of the Top 50 Microsoft Excel formulas and keyboard shortcuts are available with less than an hour of training to understand each.

Finally, there's also training here in the use of Microsoft Power BI, a data analysis and visualization tool that increases the usability and collaborative traits of Excel into a new, engaging, easy-to-use interface. 

Even the least expensive of these courses is a $99 value, so getting in on this offer now will save hundreds, knocking down the price for the entire training package to only $34.96.

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The 2020 Master Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certification Bundle – $34.99

Be an Excel expert for $34.96