Train your brain to solve problems & make better decisions with these courses

Sometimes the smartest person in the room isn't necessarily the smartest person in the room. Oh sure, the world is full of experts or even geniuses who revolutionize whole industries or schools of thought. But sometimes, the smartest person in a given situation is actually just the one with the sharpened mental skills to analyze a problem correctly, devise a solution, then implement that strategy. 

That's the type of practical intelligence that many people wish they could have. And the reality is that with the right training, they can. 

The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny helps train your brain to solve problems, make better decisions and organize your thoughts by following the same processes used by some of mankind's greatest thinkers.

Your guide in this retraining of the mind is led by Harvard and Tufts instructor Timothy Kenny, author of Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs, a book about the process of thinking and how to harness good habits to produce better outcomes.

Over his four training courses, endorsed with a hearty 4.2 out of 5-star rating by former students, examines exactly how anyone can adjust their thinking to better handle problems, improve critical thinking, sharpen their perception and basically turn their brain into a logic-churning super-computer.

The introduction, Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 1: The 12 Fundamental Skills, goes over the basics for overhauling how you think, including assembling the mental tools to devise effective solutions as well as making sure you can spur yourself to action once you reach a final conclusion.

Next, Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 2: Become a Creative Genius evaluates what made some of humankind's most celebrated geniuses so great. Armed with the tactics they used, students will be better suited to understand other perspectives, think visually and even learn to live happily amidst constant change. Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 3: 15 Secret Mini Languages breaks down non-verbal communication as students examine everything from body and sign language to code programming as keys to gain insight that might remain hidden in the spoken world.

And if you ever found math to be one of your great stumbling points, Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math will wipe away the worry, offering simple mental math hacks that will make quick calculations manageable without all the anxiety.

The full collection is valued at almost $800, but by grabbing this deal now, it's all available for less than $6 per course, just $21.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny – $21.96

Master your mind for $21.96