British Tea brands tell off Twitter racists

On Twitter, top UK tea brand Yorkshire Tea told a racist to get lost. The racist said they would henceforth drink PG Tips instead. The account of PG Tips waded in to tell them to get lost too.

Per the BBC's summary:

Laura Towler, a right-wing vlogger based in Yorkshire, praised her local brand for not having voiced support for the movement. Yorkshire Tea said it had not yet commented on the BLM protests as it had been "taking time to educate" itself. It tweeted: "Please don't buy our tea again." … PG Tips, which is owned by consumer goods giant Unilever, soon lent its support to its rival as right-wing commentators urged a boycott on Twitter.

"If you are boycotting teas that stand against racism, you're going to have to find two new brands now #blacklivesmatter #solidaritea," the brand tweeted.

Attention, Americans: there are few superior options for bagged tea than Yorkshire Gold, available by the box or in bulk from Amazon. I have them ship five boxes to me every three months and still run out. Steep in freshly-boiled water in a warmed cup or teapot for the best results.

The other brand is not quite so good as Yorkshire Tea, in my opinion, but Amazon sells these enormous 1000-teabag sacks of PG Tips that bring the price of a quality cup to just 4 cents. It takes me at least six months to take out one of these, drinking at an orderly pace.