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For those looking to launch a career as a web developer, there are a lot of decisions to make. Which programming languages do you use? Do you have the background you need? How do you turn your skills into an actual profitable business?

With the average software developer raking in more than $100,000 a year, there's a comfortable future ahead for those who can leverage those skills the right way. Those looking to take the path to a new career can use training like The Software Developer Certification Bundle to make sure they have the skill sets in the most in-demand disciplines to be successful.

This collection is a Swiss Army knife package of handy web development skills, nine courses covering everything from popular coding languages to powerful building tools to even the business savvy for turning app creation into a lucrative new career.

Since language is the cornerstone of all communication, it pays to be multilingual, so you'll get access to four courses aimed at building up your cross-platform programming cred. HTML For Everyone: Real World Coding in HTML goes back to basics of all programming with an introduction to the core of page building; while Java Programming: Learn Core Java and Improve Java Skills gets you familiar with this equally old-school, but equally foundational discipline.

You can also max out your coding abilities by learning some of today's new-school favorites, like data science darling Python (Python: Learn Python with Real Python Hands-On Examples); or C# (C# in 6 Hours: C# For Complete Beginners Learn C# by Coding). Students also get a crash course in using C# to build apps natively with the help of key framework tool Xamarin (Xamarin: Build Native Cross-Platform Apps with C# Codes).

Of course, while app creation is the bread and butter for a huge swath of developers today, not all coders with the skill to create also possess the skill to make money with it. In the Mobile App Marketing: Learn App Monetization From Scratch course, students learn how to turn cool apps into cool cash through successful marketing, user engagement, and finding just the access point to turn a user into a paying customer.

Separately, each of these courses would cost you between $99 and $199, but in this package, all nine are available at less than $5 each, only $39.96.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Software Developer Certification Bundle – $39.96

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