Suit up for the ultimate summer camping trip with these essential items

With just days until the official start of summer, your seasonal plans are likely much like everything else these days — unfocused, scattershot, and incredibly situational.

Well, it might be time to put some structure into the next few months, which could potentially start with getting reacquainted with the great outdoors. You remember that place, right? It's the one you've been staring at from your bedroom window for months.

We think it's time to correct that, so we've pulled together 19 great deals on some items that'll help outfit you for an awesome summer camping trip — or at least have you ready if any emergencies pop up. 

Bare necessities

Dave Jr. Duffel Bag – $125.99; originally $139

A smaller version of the iconic Dave Duffel, this 18-ounce waterproof tarpaulin bodied-bag with an armor-plated SuperFabric bottom is crafted for a lifetime of reliability and usefulness. The tactical, military-grade metal hardware, burly zippers, a full lining, and internal bound seams will likely outlast even you.

Tentsile UNA 1-Person Tree Tent – $199; originally $250

Every outdoorsman needs a place to stay — and after 10 minutes of setup, this solo tree tent takes versatility, comfort, and connection with the outdoors to new heights. Featuring a patented 3-point anchor system, waterproof rainfly, and insect mesh, hikers, and backpackers to set up camp almost anywhere and leave virtually no footprint behind.

Boy scout essentials

Off-Grid Survival Knife – $24.99; originally $34.99

A trusty knife is an absolute essential almost anywhere — and this partially serrated, 420 stainless steel knife stands ready to assist. On top of its primary duties, this knife also features a seatbelt cutter, a window punch, a removable LED light, and even a firestarter rod to help out when you're in a particularly tight spot.

EverRatchet Ratcheting Keychain Multi-Tool – $24.99; originally $27.99

This multi-tool is all but guaranteed to get you out of the jam you had no idea was coming. Packed with seven wrenches, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, a fire flint and more, this one-size-fits-all tool fits on your keychain and works for virtually any situation for household fixes or when the closed toolbox is miles away.

Light the way

ZeroDark 3-Piece Tactical Set Flashlight, Lantern and Headlamp – $19.99; originally $59.99

A light in the darkness is vital out in the wilderness, so this 3-piece flashlight, lantern, and a headlamp set, all blasting 40 times brighter than common LED lights, has you covered. With all kinds of variable settings, including a light beam that shines over 2 miles, this weather-resistant, versatile collection means the sun will never set on your outdoor plans.

TripleLite 180° LED Flashlight – $29.99

While most flashlights stick to a single narrow beam of light, the TripleLite truly lights up the darkness, arching a full 180 degrees all around. You can light up your whole room during a power outage or bathe the entire campsite in a wide cloak of light all night long.

MOGICS Coconut Portable Waterproof Light – $36.99; originally $49

This foldable light that self-inflates within seconds, never leaks air, and maintains its bounce and sturdiness is almost too cool to take on a camping trip. But since it's entirely waterproof inside-out thanks to nanotech on every component and layers, guaranteeing your light for nearly any situation, we'll overlook the cool and bring it along for the function.


Got a light?

SaberLight Sparq Plasma Lighter – $9.99; originally $39.99

For moments you need the other kind of light, this plasma wave technology lighter with a rechargeable lithium-ion cell creates a plasma wave hotter than fire. Use it rain or shine — and since it's flameless, wind and water don't blunt its effectiveness. That campfire will be ready in seconds.

FLÎKR Fire2: Personal Fireplace – $79.99; originally $95

In case building a campfire is out of the question, this portable version only requires 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol to burn for nearly an hour. With no carbon monoxide, it's safe to cook over — so assuming you brought all the ingredients for s'mores, you're all set.

I need more power!

NTONPOWER Portable Power Station – $109.99; originally $109.99

Since power is always at a premium virtually anywhere, this portable power generator with a 155 watt, 42,000mAh battery does the trick. Small, light, and quiet enough to thrive in an outdoor setting, it's also got a standard 3-prong wall plug outlet, built-in USB ports, solar panel power compatibility, and emergency light.

RAVPower 24W 3-Port Solar Charger – $59.99; originally $89.99

Did someone say solar? Since you can't always count on an outlet out in the wild, this 24W portable charger turns the sun's rays into power to charge your smartphones and tablets. Constructed with premium solar charging cells for increased charging, it easily folds up for transport and deployment whenever you need some extra juice.

Go Portable Solar Oven – $119; originally $139

If it's good enough for power, let the sun cook your food too. This ultralight, compact portable solar oven can bake, roast, steam, and boil anywhere, getting up to 550° F for quick heating and cooking needs so you can get a meal ready in about 30 minutes. And if it's cloudy? No problem, rain, clouds, or snow. If you can see a shadow, this baby will cook. 

Kill 'em all

Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Watch Band – $16.99; originally $39.95

Since respect for all God's creatures doesn't extend to insects (especially the biting or stinging kind), then this stylish, ultrasonic, waterproof, environmentally friendly indoor-outdoor watchband can shoe away any mosquitos so you can enjoy your surroundings. The watch imitates a sound that sends 70 percent of mosquitos running — so you can enjoy yourself without them bugging you.

Zappinator Bug Zapper – $24.99; originally $29.99

The most powerfully advanced electronic insect zapper ever created, Zappinator's 4,500-volt double-sided power grid exterminates bugs on contact. Just scoop 'em up, from flyers to creepy crawlies to larger insects like cockroaches or scorpions, hit the switch, and that's it. Your campsite stays bug-free — and you never have to get your hands dirty.

3-in-1 Waterproof Bug Zapper Lantern – $24.99; originally $79.99

Uniquely combining a camping lantern, mosquito zapper, and a flashlight in one handy, lightweight device, this waterproof light source maintains a 16-foot radius bug-free zone for up to 19 hours on a single charge.

Stay safe

Bio Bag Covid-19 Bag with N95 Mask – $84.99; originally $99.99

No matter where you go, this Echo-Sigma bio bag is outfitted to help protect you from viruses or other flu-like respiratory dangers. Including a first aid kit, protective goggles, emergency water pouches, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, gloves and more, you'll be ready whenever you or any area needs a complete cleansing.

Everyday Carry Bag and KN95 Mask – $205; originally $229.99

Echo-Sigma's EDC (Everyday Carry) pack is designed for those who either want to stay super mobile or if you need to add emergency kit features to their existing complement of gear. From a heavy-duty charger, a baton, a multi-tool, a flint and a KN95 mask, you'll be ready for anything.

Get Home Bag 72 Hour Emergency Go Bag with KN95 Mask – $269.99; originally $349.99

Echo-Sigma's midsized disaster prep kit is just what you need on hand in your office, dorm room, or just the trunk of your car. This go-bag comes with a 1-3 days supply of food and water, a micro tool clip, a flashlight, a  first aid kit, an emergency tent, and more.

Bug Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit with KN95 Mask – $599.99; originally $699.99

Bug Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit w/KN95 Mask - Black - Product Image

Here it is…the granddaddy of emergency bags. This full-size pack has everything, yet is still immensely portable with just the right mix of equipment and supplies to aid in a crisis. This one includes 7 days of food and water, a tent, a sleeping bag, a radio, first aid supplies and…well, almost anything you can imagine.

Prices are subject to change.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.