Your face mask is you so it better say something and maybe these 20 masks will speak to (and for) you

We can almost see the Cosmo quiz already — what does your face mask say about you? 

Regardless of your personal stance or the shape of the re-opening of America, one thing seems pretty clear: face masks are a part of life now — and likely will be for the foreseeable future. So if you're going to need coverage at the ready going forward, your mask should probably say a little something about you, right?

To that end, we've compiled 20 non-medical face mask offers to cover all manner of mask wearer, which pretty much includes just about everyone right now. From "look at me" masks to no-frills "get 'er done" numbers, you should be able to find something here that just screams you.

Blinged out

If you're the member of your crew that dresses each day as if you're in competition with the rest of mankind, one of the mask models could be just your thing.

You an animal print type? Maybe you go in for the camo thing? These non-medical fabric face mask 3-Pack designs ($18.99; originally $29.99) are just dying to be noticed. In addition to those styles, the 3-packs also come in a star pattern and even the "evil eye."


Of course, why just draw attention when your mask can also make a firm declaration? These two-ply statement face mask 2-packs ($17.99; originally $29.99). Each set comes with one white and one black mask, boldly exclaiming one of five statements: Love, Hi, Hello, Fine…You?, and Wear a Mask Save a Life. Bold words, indeed.

If your idea of facewear leans toward the super-colorful, you might enjoy these cotton face mask 4-packs with fun prints ($19.99; originally $39.99). Each mask in each four pack is different, yet centered around a particular theme, so you flash bright masks featuring galaxies, bold patterns, tie-dye, kid-centric looks — and even a four pack sporting four stylish and fashion-forward mustaches.

And nothing says bling like…well, serious bling. That's why this sequin face mask ($20.99; originally $25) might just be the most eye-catching item in this round-up. It sparkles, it's elegant and it's a facemask that works in almost any situation. And if you're somewhere with a disco ball, bonus points!

Tried and true

Look, we know some of you love to be noticed. But others…they just want to stay protected and protect others as they go from place to place. After all, a mask is about function first, which is why these models might appear to those users.

Sometimes, simple solutions are best — and they don't come much simpler than the dual-layer knit jersey face masks in assorted colors ($29.99; originally $40). Grey, black, green, or blue, these super-comfortable jersey masks are like sweatpants for your face. Wait, that didn't sound great, but…well, you know what we mean.

Washable and suitable for repeat wearing is also the name of the game for this reusable face mask 2-pack ($17.99; originally $29.99), made of premium cotton and available in grey, white, red, teal, and pink.

Of course, if even color is a bit more attention-grabbing than you're going for, these active masks 3-packs ($22.99; originally $27) are as down the middle as they come. One pack is black. Another pack is white. Loop 'em on. Decisions are done. Life moves on.

With black, grey and blue varieties, these washable protective cotton face masks 2-packs ($12.99; originally $19.99) aren't much flashier. But made with a high-quality cotton blend, this type hugs even tighter around the edge, shielding even more potential exposure to anything that's out there.

And if a cotton mask is a must, then just go all the way with an ultra-soft chambray cloth mask ($18; originally $22). Sized for adults or children, these full-mouth coverings are ridiculously soft and super functional, so good about your day just like you used to — in supreme confidence.

Hey…gimme a dozen

When 1, 2, 3 or even 4-packs just aren't enough, you can also pick up some larger mask multi-packs to make sure you're always prepared.

Like…5 packs! These polyester face masks ($21.99; originally $49.99) come in black and multicolor assortments. Made with just a touch of spandex, these masks fit around your face just perfectly — and they don't look too bad either.

Meanwhile, you may want to try 3D masks like these comfort mask 5-packs ($19.99; originally $26.99). Unlike common multilayer masks that build a net structure to block dust, this sponge mouth mask is made of polyurethane which itself is a 3D network structure, blocking up to 99 percent of all dangerous particles.

Or bump it up to full family protection with a washable 3D mask 12-pack ($33.99; originally $45), featuring a flexible design that adjusts to each person's nasal type for better nose fit and an increased sealing effect.

I need a filter!

But if even 3D structured coverage doesn't make you feel safe, then maybe some added filtration will help. 

This reusable dust-proof mask with 5 filters ($21.99; originally $39.99) is definitely heightened protection. Sporting superior carbon activated fabric technology, this mask provides 95 percent filtration for cleaner and easier breathing. Plus…hey, five extra filters too.

This nylon face mask by Unigear ($19.99; originally $29.99) offers excellent permeability, soft texture, quick absorption, breathability, and comfort, not to mention those same activated carbon replaceable filters.

Finally, this 3D printed filtration mask kit with filters ($21; originally $29.99) comes with all the pieces to make a mask that fits you. Crafted to ensure the maximum amount of protection possible, you can include an elastic headband, adjustable clips, a rubber nose piece for a snugger, more comfortable fit, and more. The sky is the limit here.

I want the mask — plus!

While masks provide coverage, others are moving toward neck gaiter and bandana styles to settle into that specific zone somewhere between health-conscious and train robber.

Just as you'd expect with masks, some reusable fun face cover/neck gaiter types ($19.99) as just as bold, with many varieties offering flashy patterns like a flamingo, a Joker smile, a Lucha libre or even Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, other styles of super trendy face cover/neck gaiters ($19.99) keep pushing the boundaries of mask looks, including a white tiger, aquatic animals, a jungle print or Bauhaus art.

Still other cool vibrant designs ($19.99) take your look in completely different directions based on your style and personality. An American flag face covering? Done. Lightning, waves or liquid marble? Sure. With more than two dozen options, you've got a treasure trove of possibilities.

If you like the bandana look, the seamless bandana mask ($7.99; originally $16.88) actually has 15 different ways you can wear it, including everything from a face covering to a neckband, a hairband, a hair tie and more.

Finally, the neoprene/fleece neck and face mask ($9.99; originally $30) comes in four different colors (including purple) and not only gives protection from viruses and other outside pollutants, but can also be an ultra-warm shield against cold weather or coverage when you go cycling, hiking, jogging, and more.

Prices are subject to change.

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