Your Google Home Mini can go completely mobile with this handy battery base

For the past five years, the march toward getting a smart speaker in every home has pushed methodically forward. This year, more than a third of all U.S. adults will have one of the 88 million active smart speakers in your house. That number was up 32 percent from 2019 and up 85 percent from 2018.

But while users obviously love the convenience of asking questions to thin air and getting a knowledgeable response, there are a couple of design drawbacks to smart speakers…starting with that pesky power cord.

However, if you're the owner of the popular Google Home Mini, you no longer need to worry about keeping your smart speaker plugged in all the time with the help of the Ninety7 JOT Battery Base.

Rather than remaining anchored to just one spot in your home, the JOT easily allows the Mini to slide right into its housing so you can pick up and move the speaker all-around your home or even outside, so long as you maintain your WiFi connection.

With this powerful 5000mAh battery, the Mini enjoys up to eight hours of unfettered cordless mobility, perfect for moving to your office desk, the garage, or really anywhere you are that would be out of earshot of its original location. With the seamless transition, users can avoid all the plugging, unplugging, and reconnection steps of trying to move the Mini around.

In fact, if you have a vehicle with a built-in WiFi hotspot, this base would be the perfect vessel to make the Google Home Mini truly free as a constant traveling companion.

As usual, you can still make calls, check the news, control your smart home, or even fire up your favorite songs, but now, you can just do that from anywhere in your home.

Retailing for $34.95, you can pick up a Ninety7 JOT Battery Base for your Google Home Mini right now at just over half off at only $16.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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JOT Battery Base for Google Home Mini – $16.99

Go wireless for $16.99