Save 20% on the ultimate drink holder for your couch

With no movies, concerts, or sporting events to get out and enjoy, the scope of your entertainment universe probably hasn't strayed too far beyond the edge of your sofa in months. And all that time living life on your A-1 piece of furniture has likely resulted in some unfortunate drink-related accidents. 

In this couch-based lifestyle, drinks have to sit on a coffee table, which results in a fair share of reach-related mishaps. And don't get us started on the disasters that happen when trying to balance a drink on the floor near the sofa. You always forget it's there — and invariably kick it over.

In this life of beverage calamities, the CouchCoaster rides into town like Clint Eastwood, intent on restoring order to your liquid lawlessness.

The CouchCoaster has a flexible silicone body that wraps neatly around a sofa armrest to hold a drink. Whether it's a mug or tumbler, bottle or can, hot drink or cold, any container up to 3.5 inches wide slips easily into the CouchCoaster's tight grip and stays there.

If your container is too small, no worries — the adjustable holder features its own adaptor to accommodate oddly shaped glass or even mugs. And the integrated weighted band has a tacky base that provides a secure fit either fabric or leather sofas. 

The CouchCaster pretty much eliminates the need for a coffee table or even a side table or tray. And when it's not holding your drink of choice, it's ready to store your remote, your phone, or pretty much anything else.

With the CouchCoaster locked securely in place, you'll never again suffer the horror of a couch spill or one of those unsightly ring marks. In fact, your viewing experience will now be devoid of any negatives whatsoever. The CouchCoaster has saved your entire TV world. You're welcome.

Just to prove its supreme versatility, the CouchCoaster comes in five colors to match your furniture: jet black, steel grey, mocha brown, rosso red or cool cream.

And while $25 would still be a steal for the savior of all drink-kind, you can still get $5 off right now and have a CouchCoaster for your own for just $20

Prices are subject to change.

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CouchCoaster®: The Ultimate Drink Holder For Your Sofa – $20

Save your couch for $20