Go back to high school with these classes on anatomy and physiology

If you're looking to launch a new career, you'll often see us present education course packages that will help you become a web developer or a project manager or a graphic designer. While they're all very respectable career options, those professions don't present the same hands-on satisfaction or visceral sense of accomplishment that comes from actually repairing a human body.

While doctors often receive a lion's share of the praise for putting ailing men and women on the mend, there are handfuls of healthcare professionals who play that role as well, including physical therapists, fitness experts, and kinesiologists. 

It all starts with truly understanding the human body and how it works, which is at the heart of training like the Anatomy and Physiology for Beginners Course Bundle.

Whether you want a career in healthcare or just want to know why your body moves, acts and feels the way it does, these seven courses offer a smooth overview of various bodily systems and how they work together to make you, you.

Introduction to the Cardiovascular System goes right to the heart, explaining how that key organ pumps blood throughout your body as you get to know major structures and basic functions of the body's transportation system. Meanwhile,  Introduction to the Skeletal System provides a complete in-depth study of the skeletal system, the composition of your bones, and how they work with other organ systems.

Not to be outdone, Introduction to the Muscular System covers all 600 individual muscles,  the 3 types of muscles in your body as well as the 5 types of muscle movements; and Introduction to the Respiratory System focuses on your lungs and how they redirect oxygen into your bloodstream.

Finally, introductions to the digestive, urinary and nervous systems zero in on the vital role each plays in your bodily operations, from understanding how digestive and immune systems work together, how urinary systems maintain body balance, and how the central and peripheral nervous system brings the whole body to movement and full operation.

Even just to take better care of yourself, this course bundle valued at over $200 packs vital information. Now with this offer, the entire collection is on sale for just $29.99.

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Anatomy & Physiology for Beginners Course Bundle – $29.99

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