The three New York cops who drank "poisoned" milkshakes didn't get sick

It turns out that police unions and benevolent associations lied and exaggerated about police officers being poisoned by Shake Shack milkshakes.

From the New York Post:

Police sources explained it was clear that the workers couldn't have known cops had placed the orders "since it wasn't done in person" — and they couldn't have dosed the drinks after the officers arrived, because they were packaged and waiting for pickup when the trio walked in.

Soon after sipping the shakes, however, the cops realized they didn't taste or smell right, so they threw the drinks in the trash and alerted a manager, who apologized and issued them vouchers for free food or drink, which they accepted, according to sources.

But when the cops told their sergeant about the incident, the supervisor called in the Emergency Service Unit to set up a crime scene.

Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash