This Pro Photography and Photoshop training gives you a high-quality crash course in all things photo

If you're invested in learning a new craft or even just elevating your abilities in a current skill, you likely want access to as much information as possible to help expand your talents. Different learning courses can definitely aid that pursuit, but it's often tough to know exactly what's included in any coursework and whether it adequately covers the topics you want to know. 

Because if you don't know it, how do you know you'll get to know exactly what you need to know, you know?

The answer is…volume. In The Pro Photography and Photoshop 20 Course Bundle, we'll get access to a virtual avalanche of photography training that's truly exhaustive and ready to help address any of their picture-taking questions.

Not three, not five, not even a dozen courses, this bundle packages together 20 separate courses housing a colossal 120 hours of photography training that should set you up to learn all the steps and methods to take great pictures with every click.

Of course, it all starts with the basics, which is why the Photography Master Class is the perfect introduction. First-time students grasp concepts like exposures, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and more so that by the end of the course, the Auto mode is off forever and they're making the minute adjustments in Manual mode from now on that make all the difference.

Meanwhile, Photoshop, its Adobe companion app Lightroom, and open-source editor GIMP are industry-standard image editing software and these courses dig into every facet of how to navigate these feature-rich apps like a pro. After getting the lay of each app with courses like the Photoshop Made Easy and Adobe Lightroom CC Classic Made Easy training, you'll find instruction in all the major areas of concern for any photographer.

If you want to understand the impact of proper lighting, it's here in Photoshop Light Effects: Let There Be Light. If you have questions about portrait retouching or landscape photography, the Lightroom Portrait Beauty Retouch: Full Edit & Workflow and Photoshop Fall Edits for Outdoor Portraits + Landscapes courses are there. There's even a complete guide to becoming a well-paid wedding photographer as well.

You'll also find dozens and dozens of projects to test your abilities, from 47 Photoshop Projects for Aspiring Graphic Designers to 27 GIMP Projects and 547 GIMP Templates, where you can learn to create your own custom graphics, logo, flyers, brochures and more.

These 20 courses cover almost $2,000 worth of intensive photography training, but you can get all of it for just $39.99, less than $2 per course.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Pro Photography & Photoshop 20 Course Bundle – $39.99

Be a professional photographer for $39.99