Luminar 4 uses AI to help you turn all your photos into masterpieces

For all their power and capabilities, image editing software isn't like sitting down to play a video game. You aren't there to have fun. You're likely looking to make a few minor tweaks to an image to make it ready to be shared, then you move on with satisfaction in a job well done. 

If your image editing program is doing its job, your goal is to actually spend fewer hours using the software. That's why it comes as good news when nature photography website NatureTTL calls the latest version of perennial image editing favorite Luminar 4 the future of photo editing and proclaims that "if you want to spend less time in front of a computer, then (Luminar 4) is a serious contender."

In case you've been trapped under an Adobe-sized rock, Luminar 4 is the latest iteration of Skylum's all-in-one photo editing and organizing software — and after its latest redesign, it's chock full of smart features all aimed at helping you create the images you want faster.

Rather than hunting and pecking your way through editing tools, Luminar 4 is home to AI Accent, dubbed the world's most intelligent photo enhancer. This filter automatically analyzes your image and instantly corrects it using over a dozen controls at once, yielding naturally beautiful results with the use of one simple intuitive slider. With Accent, artificial intelligence automatically optimizes shadows, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure, details and more.

Luminar also comes with over 60 powerful one-click Luminar Looks, which quickly enhance your image to match your specific taste. Of course, you can still go in and do all the manual cropping, airbrushing and layer work found in other editors — but you'll likely find you're doing all that nitty-gritty editing a lot less with Luminar 4.

To get the most out of Luminar 4, this package also comes with three add-on packs: Amazing Planets, which helps create surreal images like adding a moon over your skyline or inserting a planet to your landscape; Burst of Drama, which serves up 25 fantastic sky effects for your use; and Cinematic Bespoke, which balances your city photography between an urban jungle look tinged with a sweet subtle fadedness. You'll really need to see it in action to get a true flavor for the creative possibilities with all three packs.

Finally, you'll also get a Mastering Photography ebook to help beginning shutterbugs find their footing with a digital camera and composing brilliant images; and the Luminar for Landscape Photography Video Course, a two-hour walk through how to use Luminar 4 to edit gorgeous landscape images.

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