This training package will have you using all of Microsoft Office like a boss

Nearly 30 years after it started its run as the most dominant productivity software ever created, the Microsoft Office suite of programs are now virtually synonymous with personal computing. 

From its days bundled with Windows to its current life as Office 365 cloud-based apps, there's no reason to think perennial hits like Word, Excel and Outlook won't still be helping your grandkids be more productive.

Of course, if you're still going to be assembling PowerPoint presentations in 2040, you should probably understand everything there is to know about it and all of its Office brother and sister apps with the training in The Complete 2020 Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle.

The package includes nine courses covering six of Office's most vital programs, offering students almost 60 hours of content on all the basic operating knowledge of each app as well as the hidden tricks and tips that only expert-level Office practitioners ever learn.

While your experience with putting together Word docs probably started in grade school, this Word 2019 training goes much deeper, taking students inside all the hidden features and rich customization options that make Word the world's top writing productivity tool.

With spreadsheets and data analysis so hot these days, the three Excel courses (Excel Beginner 2019, Excel Advanced 2019 and Excel Beginner 2019 for Mac) offer all the nuanced data manipulation tools where Excel truly excels, from automating data entry to simplifying complex formulas to data visualizations. 

Next, PowerPoint 2019 will help you create multimedia presentations that are clean, visually engaging and packed with important information, while Outlook 2019 will have you composing and sending emails that create the right impression while organizing the chaos that can plague your email inbox. 

Meanwhile, the pair of Access 2019 and Advanced Access 2019 would explain all you'd ever need to know about databases, from setup and importing data to how to customize and filter information and advanced form creation.  

And in our rapidly shifting professional world, Microsoft Teams may be the most important training of all, a method for communicating and promoting teamwork across your organization. Beyond simple chat and meeting functions, Teams also brings built-in processes for seeing dramatic improvement in the engaged productivity from your entire group.

Most of these courses are a $100 value, but by getting in on this offer now, the entire package is available for just over $4 each at only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Complete 2020 Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle – $39.99

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