KFC closes dining rooms in Florida over coronavirus spike

The fried chicken chain KFC is closing dining rooms at the restaurants it owns in Florida because of the state's accelerating outbreak of COVID-19.

Today, Florida is reporting 12,600 new coronavirus cases.

Reuters cites a letter sent from KFC to its Florida franchisees earlier today:

The letter, from KFC U.S. Chief Operating Officer Monica Rothgery to franchisees on Monday, said its own Florida restaurants would operate only drive-thru and suggested owner-operators consider doing the same in "hot spots" where new cases are surging, including Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

KFC is a unit of Yum! Brands. The company did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Florida recorded more than 12,600 new coronavirus cases on Monday, its second-highest daily total since the outbreak began, coinciding with the state's attempt to revive tourism and attract visitors to the recently reopened Disney World.

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[image: KFC]