This tech-powered renters and home insurance cuts through red tape fast

You probably have a lot of items in your home that you'd hate to lose to theft or damage. While certainly no one ever hopes to fall victim to a natural disaster or home invasion, you need to be prepared just in case it does happen. When it comes to choosing a reliable renters insurance, it might be worth looking outside the more traditional options. Like Lemonade, for example. This trending technology-driven insurance company has a primary goal of making the lives of both renters and homeowners easier (and headache-free).

How Lemonade is different

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of submitting a typical insurance claim, you understand the frustration the process strikes up: endless back and forth between agents, a lot of fine print to decipher, and of course — the endless wait for the much-needed funds from your claim to process Lemonade wants to put an end to all that financial and emotional toil: its state-of-the-art service is intuitive, the customer service is impeccable, and best of all, your claims could be processed in as little as three seconds.

Here's how Lemonade works: powered by AI technology, you can get set up with a customized insurance plan tailored to your individual needs. Just answer a few questions, and you'll be able to review a plan that you can further adjust — and you pay immediately for it (no paperwork or call wait times to deal with). Lemonade also works by a flat fee, with rental insurance starting as low as $5 a month and homeowners insurance available for $25 a month. The rest of the money pays reinsurance (and some unavoidable expenses), and what's left is used for paying out claims so  there's never a conflict of interest between you and your insurer.

In the case that you do need to file a claim, you'll speak to a camera to let Lemonade know what items were damaged or stolen — and the system processes your claim then and there. If you're instantly approved, you'll get your appropriate payout in as little as a few seconds — which is so much better than waiting weeks or even months to wait to hear back about a claim. 

Plus, Lemonade practices social responsibility: if there's leftover, unclaimed money at the end of the year, it goes directly to your choice of charity. Invest in a company that you know will take care of you and the communities and causes important to you.

Learn more about Lemonade here — and sign up for coverage today.