Kickstarter for a cool deck of 60 conversation-starting questions

My multitalented friend Cooper Bates is the co-founder of Hint Mint (which features artists' work on mint tins), a stage performer, and a photographer. He's got a new project on Kickstarter, and I signed up for it. It's a deck of conversation/introspection cards called "I Think Therefore I Question."

From the Kickstarter description:

I Think Therefore I Question is more than just words on paper. It's more than manufactured questions generated by co-workers in a think tank. This deck is an expression of my cumulative lifetime of experiences, interactions, and friendships amassed on a beautifully designed deck of cards. 60 cards, with 60 thoughtful if not eccentric questions crafted to mine entertaining, unexpected answers, interesting conversations, and a whole lot of fun. And just for the record: the questions in this deck are thoughtful and sincere. I don't move through the world presenting crass topics in the interest of shock value. Enter with an open spirit and you will learn a little something about yourself, too.