Save 50% on a 1-year subscription to Dashlane's premium password manager

We all know vital information about ourselves and our private digital accounts can be compromised by cybercriminals. However, many would be frightened to know just how compromised they and their vital data are right this moment. 

Security researchers Digital Shadows say usernames and passwords for more than 15 billion accounts are currently up for purchase on the dark web, including everything from administrator access information, bank account details, and more. What might be even more shocking is that there are so many compromised accounts that many are just given away for free on hacker forums or even just posted to the open web.

Considering how much your life can be turned upside-down if a personal or professional account is seized or funds are drained from your bank, the need for an efficient, aggressive password management system isn't just recommended, it's downright critical.

Dashlane Password Manager has established itself as one of the web's most trusted password protection systems by adhering to the simple philosophy that you're the only person who should ever control your data.

With Dashlane, you can generate strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts with a single click, store them for future use, and change them in seconds. Of course, Dashlane also goes beyond simple passwords, storing and automatically filling in all your password, payment, and personal details wherever you need to enter them across the web, on any device.

Safely stashed in Dashlane's military-grade encrypted vault, all of your passwords and other data are only accessible to you through your single master password. Even Dashlane can't see your information, ensuring constant protection everywhere you go online. There's even two-factor authentication available to offer a second layer of secure coverage.

Dashlane automatically syncs across all devices and browsers, enables you to safely share passwords easily with those who need them, and also sets up emergency contacts to pass along passwords to others if something happens to you.

Right now, you can get a year of Dashlane Password Manager Premium Plan Service for half off the regular price, only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Dashlane Password Manager Premium Plan: 1-Yr Subscription – $29.99

Get protected with Dashlane for $29.99