Major Twitter hack pushes bitcoin scam on Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Apple, Uber, Biden accounts, collects $$$$

This is quite a major hack.

Now is a good time to change your Twitter password, if you are a user.

Hackers pumping a cryptocurrency giveaway scam appear to have compromised the Twitter accounts of leading exchanges, prominent individuals, major corporations, and at least one news organization.

The Twitter accounts of former President Barack Obama and VP and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden were compromised amid the ongoing event, and at the time of this blog post, hours after the attack began, both accounts with the malicious urls are still active.

Twitter is doing a bad job handling this security event. Very bad.

Hackers gained access to the official verified Twitter accounts of some of America’s most famous, wealthy, and powereful people and best-known brands, including:

- Barack Obama
– Joe Biden
—Jeff Bezos
—Bill Gates
—Kanye West
—Mike Bloomberg
—Elon Musk
- Uber

...and many other verified accounts with smaller followings were hacked to promote the scam, which amassed many gullible victims.

If these hackers have read/write privileges of every account on Twitter and use it to make like $200k in Bitcoin, they are the worst criminals of all time.

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) July 15, 2020

Imagine gaining access to the Twitter account of the potential next president of the United States and using it to fish for bitcoin.

— Pete Schroeder (@peteschroeder) July 15, 2020


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