Top 3 Reasons to Build a Website with Wix

With all the website builders on the market, it can feel overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. The most important things to look for are usability, flexibility and a professional look and feel. That's why over 180 million people use Wix to create the website of their dreams.

Here are the top 3 reasons to build your website with Wix.

Wix caters to everyone, from beginners to professionals

Whether you're creating your very first or your 100th website, Wix has a solution for you. If you're a beginner, one option is to let Wix do the work for you with its advanced design intelligence (ADI) tool. Simply answer a few questions about the type of website you want to create and ADI will create it for you. The other option is to use Wix's editor that lets you choose from hundreds of templates that you can customize yourself. If you have lots of experience creating websites, Corvid by Wix gives you the freedom to code and build your own advanced web applications.

Wix offers professional features for any kind of website

Wix has over 500 templates for a wide range of industries including eCommerce, health, beauty, fitness, hospitality, food, design, creative arts, and more. You can customize any template to fit the look and feel of your brand. In addition, Wix has an App Market with hundreds of Wix and third-party apps to meet your needs and enhance your business.

Wix helps you get site traffic

Building your website is only part of the process. Once your website is published, the next step is to drive traffic to it. Wix comes with built-in marketing tools to help you reach your audience and bring visitors to your site. For example, you can create email marketing campaigns and professionally designed social posts with templates Wix provides. Wix also provides the tools to help you optimize your SEO to get found on Google and other search engines.

The takeaway

Of all the website builder platforms out there, Wix offers the perfect combination of functionality, customizability and professionalism. That's why Wix users are so diverse, ranging from individuals just starting out to established companies with 500+ employees. Wix allows you to create a website with the option to upgrade as your needs grow.

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