Jewelry store buried $1 million in treasure for others to find

While closed due to the pandemic, the owners of J&M Jewelers in Macomb County, Michigan came up with a new way to make money. They buried $1 million in jewelry, coins, antiques, and gold and silver bars across the state and anyone can pay to sign up for their monthly "Treasure Quests." The first few quests are sold out but there is one in September with open spots. For $59, you'll get clues that could lead you to $7,000 in booty. From Johnny's Treasure Quest:

At first I was going stir crazy being at home with nothing but time on my hands and literally pacing back and forth anxiously wanting to do something but with nothing to do. One day I got up and came across a news article while sipping coffee and scrolling the news on my phone. The article was about an anonymous person claiming to have finally deciphered the infamous riddle and discovered the Forrest Fenn treasure.
Wow! how cool is that I thought. I've always dreamed of searching for that myself but never had the time. What Mr. Forrest Fenn really wanted is what I found to be most unmistakably true. It was getting off the couch and out of the house and adventuring outdoors. So that is exactly what we did. I began traveling up and down pure Michigan with my fiancé. We went through woods, rivers, streams, mountains and waterfalls. We even got married!

I have buried not only my entire jewelry store but thousands upon thousands of dollars of gold, silver, diamonds & antiques in various locations in Michigan from the bottom to the upper peninsula. Everything I have buried has a history and many memories attached to them that I have let go and placed in the ground for you to discover❤️