Old footage of Tokyo upscaled using neural networks, colorized and interpolated to 60 frames per second

Denis Shiryaev writes that this footage, filmed in Tokyo between 1913-1915 as "Japan of Today", was upscaled using neural networks.

✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second, I have also fixed some playback speed issues;
✔ Faces are enhanced too – I have added to the pipeline of algorithms a neural network which is specially designed for facial restoration.
✔ Image resolution boosted up to 4k – with digital artifacts, but some parts are improved noticeably;
✔ Removed noise and fixed some damaged parts.
✔ Colorized – please, be aware that colorization colors are not real and fake, colorization was made only for the ambiance and do not represent real historical data.

Here's the original edited to correct playback speed: