This hydroponics water garden could be just the desk accessory you need right now

Usually, when you drop a plant into a glass vase full of water, you're trying to prolong its life by a few extra days. By giving that freshly cut flower its longest possible bloom, you get to extend your appreciation of its beauty before the effects of its shearing settle in as it finally begins to wither away and die.

But what if a plant in your home could sit freely in that water and not just stave off death, but actually thrive and continue radiating its brilliance for months, even years to come?

That's hydroponics, the science of growing plants without the use of soil. Now, that inventive means of sustaining life can be perched right there on your desk every day with an Ionian Hydroponics Water Garden.

Whether it's a flower, a standard house plant or even an herb or a vegetable, your plant sits suspended in water in the glass enclosure centered in this vintage-inspired, wood-framed planter. You can watch its roots take in nutrients and power along all right in front of your eyes.

Best of all, the plant and its elevated holder look rustic, yet elegant, offering beauty and style to your space that will instantly catch the eye of any visitor to your office or inside your home.  With sufficient nutrient mix, the plant shouldn't require any watering or fertilizing, so it might be just the perfect plant for anyone not gifted with a green thumb.

Whether you go for a delicate ivy, a spider plant, or a Chinese evergreen; a cooking-ready herb like tarragon or oregano; or a fruit or vegetable like tomatoes, peppers, or even strawberries, you'll enjoy the opportunity to watch your plant grow each day in this unique display.

Regularly priced at $40, you can right now pick up an Ionian Hydroponics Water Garden suited for a single plant for only $32.95 with the current offer. You can also enjoy similar savings when you move up to a medium-sized garden for two plants for just $42.95 or a large three-plant assembly for $49.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden – $32.95

Improve your surroundings for $32.95