Behold! This gorgeous desktop version of our solar system MUST be yours

Most people enjoy having items on their desks that convey a taste of who they are and what they're about to visitors. Under those circumstances, could there possibly be a greater flex to show off all of your galactic ambitions than having the entire solar system on exhibit right on your desktop?

Even if you don't sport Thanos-esque desires for control and power, the Deskspace Planetary System Set is not only an incredibly beautiful collection. It's also very, very cool.

The set faithfully recreates each of the planets in our solar system, each crafted in a high-quality gemstone that captures the mood and inherent beauty of each celestial body.

Poised on their rectangular walnut wooden stand, all nine planets sit as not only a piece of desk art, but in all their tactile brilliance, enticing onlookers to reach out, touch and truly examine each work.

Each hand-crafted creation is cross-referenced with official NASA satellite images, ensuring the Deskspace artists have engineered scientifically accurate representations of each stunning orb.

From the translucent white Nephrite of Venus, to the royal blue Sodalite representing Earth to the quixotic Tiger's Eye that makes up Jupiter, each planet is lovingly depicted in all its glory, along with a cleaning cloth to keep each one in its shiniest, most pristine state. By the time you reach the Amazonite that makes up Neptune and the synthetic Cat's Eye glass used for Pluto, you'll realize you've spent hours just staring at each of these fantastic creations.

Included with the set is also a high-quality book offering up interesting, intriguing, and fun facts about each of the planets in front of you. Including detailed images and with a clever design that allows it to nestle inside the box stand, the book is just the addition that makes the Deskspace set an ultra-cool gift for space enthusiasts or anyone fascinated by the night sky and the endless inky black of space.

The Deskspace Planetary System Set is regularly priced at $129, but with the current offer, you can almost $20 off that price and get the complete set for only $109.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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Planetary System Set – $109.95

Control the universe for $109.95