Slip 'N Slide is all sold out thanks to bored kids stuck at home

While most businesses suffer through the pandemic, Wham-O is raking in the sales with Slip 'N Slide. Even three months ago, "the company enjoyed 10 consecutive days in late April where sales doubled each day," says TMZ. Now the water toy, which made its debut in 1961, is out of stock.

And it's not just Slip 'N Slide that is keeping Wham-O fat. Frisbee sales are up 500%, according to TMZ, and Boogie Boards are up 300%.

Wham-O's timeless toys, which also include Super Ball, the Hula hoop, and Hacky sack, are perfect for bored kids during long hot stay-at-home days, so it makes sense that they were first created by, well, "bored kids on a hot day." Here's the Slip N Slide origin story, posted by Andrea a few weeks ago.