You can support Portland's street medics

Portland Action Medics is a group providing supplies and aid to the protestors in Portland. You can venmo them @ Rosehip-medics. (

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FRIENDS! Do you need a helmet? YES YOU DO. We have some freshly painted helmets as well as eye flush, chem weapons wipes, MONSTER, ear plugs, and other good protest stuff RIGHT NOW at Peninsula Park, come look for the PAM wagon-o-goods!! Find us later at the JC! 👷👷👷 And big, big thank yous to everyone who has donated to our #mutualaid project for #pandemic and #protest preparedness!! We could not be producing the stuff we do without community support. MUTUAL AID! WE TAKE CARE OF US!!! 🖤🖤🖤 #seeyouinthestreets #givecaretakecare

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When looking for a place to contribute, I found that the stories of Federal thugs targeting folks providing aid to injured protestors helped to guide me.