Cider curious? Try some ciders in Portland and earn money in the process

If you live near Portland, Oregon, and are "cider curious," you should sign up to be part of Oregon State University's taste test. They're seeking participants to taste cider—and earn 50 dollars—on Wednesday, July 19 or Thursday, July 20 in downtown Portland at the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center. 

KOIN explains that the University's

Portland Sensory Lab is searching for people who are "cider curious" to taste test hard cider beverages. . . 

"We are running a hard cider test and are looking for people who are 'cider curious' – so people who maybe it's not their go-to beverage, but have had it before and enjoyed it and are curious to try it again," said Ann Colonna, director of OSU's Sensory Program . . . 

The objective of the taste test is to provide cider makers and cideries in the Pacific Northwest with more information about what consumers enjoy drinking and what they're looking for in a hard cider. 

If you're at least 21 and want to participate, click on this survey to see if you're eligible.