From tree tents to headlamps, these 10 camping essentials will improve your summer

It's summer. And this year, Europe and  Disney World just aren't really all that feasible as part of your travel plans.

Yet especially with the last few months we've all endured, the need to get away and experience something new is like a raging fire in many of us. So if you can't be around too many people these days, how about going where people ain't?

Camping in the great — and vast — outdoors might be just what you need to decompress a bit, so stock up on these 10 tents, hammock and camping essentials, all at savings up to 60 percent, to make your time away as fulfilling as you need it to be.

Nylon Mesh Hammock – $17.99; originally $29

Sleeping on the ground is never comfortable, so this premium nylon and mesh hammock is ideal for sleeping under the stars without grimacing your way through the whole night. Portable and lightweight at less than 8 ounces, it holds up to 220 pounds comfortably for a relaxing afternoon swing or a full night's slumber.

Foldable Nylon Hammock – $34.99; originally $49

With durable nylon construction and anchored by twin metal carabiners, this beast can support up to 485 pounds of weight. It's also extremely versatile, foldable into a carrying back that even includes a strap for improved portability when you're hiking to your campsite.

Natural Cotton Rope Hammock – $79.99; originally $199

Hand-dyed and woven from 100 percent natural cotton with soft to the touch materials, the Yellow Leaf hammock comes from a thicker weaving yarn, so you can hang with no flipping or even those waffle print markings all over your body. And each Yellow Leaf hammock is signed by its weaver, with a unique pattern and color sequence all its own.

Tentsile UNA 1-Person Tree Tent – $199; originally $250

Speaking of life off the ground, the Tentsile is like having an entire campsite off the ground. With a patented 3-point anchor system, waterproof rainfly, insect mesh, and more, you can raise your completely protected and secure sleeping zone up over steep, uneven terrain, or even water in about 10 minutes.

nCamp Camp Coffee Kit – $62.99; originally $82

Since coffee and camping go hand-in-hand, this water bottle-sized brewer can turn out 12 ounces of espresso-style coffee. With its compact design, accompanying 24-ounce water bottle, and four insulated cups all inside the easy drawstring carrying bag, you'll enjoy your morning with ease and convenience.

Outdoor Collapsible Cooler & Camp Table Set – $64.99; originally $89

This 18×18-inch cooler to store and chill drinks, as well as a 34-inch table for four, are like bringing a kitchen with you while you camp. It's all super portable and foldable, so you can set up camp, eat a meal, and relax in comfort.

QuickFire 50-Piece Canister – $27.99; originally $34

You don't want to be without a campfire, so this 50-pack of all-purpose fire starters can get your blaze going quickly and reliably. Pop a pouch under your wood, light the pouch and you'll get 10 minutes of robust flames to get your logs burning fast. These QuickFire pouches are not only waterproof, but they're also good for up to 30 years.

FLÎKR Fire2 Personal Fireplace – $79.99; originally $95

In case you don't need a big bonfire, the FLIKR Fire2 can give you almost an hour of burn from just 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol. And it's small enough to fit into your hand. The open flame will help you cook s'mores, tell scary stories and enjoy the night, all without the hassle of a true campfire.

Vega 200 COB LED Ultralight Headlamps 3-Pack – $10.99; originally $14

A strong, dependable light while camping is vital. So the Vega's ultra-bright 200-lumen lamp can light the way for up to 50 feet ahead of you, all hands-free. With its adjustable elastic headband and full water and weather-resistance, it's ideal for the great outdoors.

Stinger 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight – $25.99; originally $29

Pumping out a blistering 1,000 lumens of light, this tactical security flashlight is practically half flamethrower. With a beam that can be seen up to two miles and three illumination settings inside its virtually indestructible aircraft aluminum casing, the Stinger can be a virtual lifesaver when you need it most.

Prices are subject to change.

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