If you are planning on traveling any time soon then TripWipes are about to become your new best friend

Now that the initial furor and shortages have subsided, it's probably not a bad time to start considering your long-term cleaning and disinfecting plans.

Sure, that might seem anywhere from overly cautious to outright ridiculous, but the threat of COVID-19 appears poised to be present for a while and the need for quick travel clean-up products has always been with us.

At some point, you're going to be venturing outside the house again regularly. With the double-barrelled coverage of TripWipes Antibacterial Wipes and Happy Hands Foaming Soap, you can head out with a touch more confidence that you're ready for everything that's out there.

TripWipes are hand sanitizing wipes, formulated, tested, and dubbed the perfect alternative when you aren't in a position to thoroughly wash your hands. While many wipes are alcohol-based and can give off some pretty noxious odors, TripWipes smell like citrus, are non-toxic, and can wipe out 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria it encounters. And it even softens your hands with each usage.

Unlike travel wipe packs that get opened, then almost immediately dry out, TripWipes are individually packaged and easily stored. Whether you're heading to the store, Europe, or just want to stash some in your glove box when needed, this 60-pack collection of TripWipes is built for quick and easy travel, no matter where that travel takes you.

Of course, for those times you do have access to some running water, this set also comes with a two-bottle supply of Happy Hands Foaming Soap. Just like TripWipes, this soap doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and is scented with only those same citrus-based natural essential oils. 

The bottles are good for between 100 and 125 uses, so even with frequent hand-washing, this should still be more than enough to help keep your hands clean and bacteria-free for quite a while.

Right now, you can outfit your next excursion with a healthy supply of both TripWipes and the Happy Hands Foaming Soap for just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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TripWipes & Foam Soap Bundle – $49.99

Stay safe for $49.99