Watch gentleman break the toes off an antique statue while posing for a photo at a museum

A gentleman at the Gipsoteca Museum in Possagno, Italy reclined on a 200-year-old statue to pose for a photo and accidentally broke three toes off the figure. He walked away but police nabbed him because museum visitors are required to provide their personal information for COVID-19 contact tracing if necessary. The statue is a plaster model of Paolina Bonaparte sculpted by Antonio Canova (1757-1822).

Antonio Canova Foundation president Vittorio Sgarbi says that the fellow, an Austrian tourist, must not "remain unpunished and return to his homeland. The scarring of a Canova is unacceptable."

The court hasn't yet determined if they will press charges.

From CNN:

When police contacted a woman who signed in on behalf of herself and her husband, she burst into tears and admitted her husband was the toe breaker, according to a press release from Treviso Carabinieri.

The husband, who was also upset, then confessed and repented for the "stupid move," according to the release.