China accuses Trump and Pompeo of 'madness' over tech purge

The Trump administration's plan to ban various Chinese technologies, and doing business with various Chinese tech entities, is a clear sign of "madness" in U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, wrote China's state-run tabloid Global Times in an editorial on Thursday.

From Reuters:

"Pompeo has uttered anti-China remarks almost every day, and constantly played tricks to intensify conflicts between China and the U.S., and display Trump administration's toughness toward China," the editorial read.

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday published an expanded update of a plan called the "Clean Network" calling for telecom companies, cloud service providers, and mobile apps of Chinese origin to be kept out of the United States.

"From the long-term perspective, it's incredible that the U.S. information industry could totally detach from the Chinese market," the Global Times wrote.

"It would pose a severe test for U.S. companies if U.S. chips, software, and terminal equipment become irrelevant to the Chinese market."

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