Creating your own video games isn't impossible this training can get you on the path

For those who want a career in video games, there's no reason to sit around and wait. EA and Rockstar Games probably aren't going to seek you out and knock on your door with a job opportunity. But if you're an indie developer with a good idea and some passion, you can create a really cool game that serves as the resume that might just bring the big boys to your doorstep.

You can jumpstart that process now, even if you've never designed your own games before, with the training in The Build a Strategy Game Development Bundle.

Across 10 courses, students are introduced to the techniques used by premium game developers as well as the cutting edge tools they use to help each creator fashion a game that is uniquely their own.

Powered by Unity, the world's most popular game creation engine, this training walks new users through all the basics of assembling your first game, whether it's turn-based, involves real-time strategy, depends on managing your resources or even centers around creating a multiplayer extravaganza, this core instruction can be invaluable to help you set the framework for your project.

While many course packages lead students through lectures and videos, this package is very hands-on, challenging learners to complete 12 standalone gaming projects, all centered around specific key learning areas. 

After tackling an introduction to Unity and building games, students are quickly pressed to create their first 3D game. With that complete, they must next master the foundations of strategy game development by creating a turn-based, micro-strategy game about building and managing a colony on Mars.  

Next, the projects advance into more critical game development skills, from understanding how to set up 3D models as units that can be selected and moved to various points clicked on a map, to starting 3D model trees that can be used to control unit spawning to how to script units to attack and damage enemies using a state machine.

That state machine is driven by AI, so the training also explains how to create crafty opponents to push your players. With all the training secure, students face their ultimate test: the creation of a multiplayer, turn-based strategy game using both Unity and Photon, a free popular networking framework.

Regularly priced at $199 per course, the entire 10-course collection is available now for just $39.99, less than $4 per course.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Build a Strategy Game Development Bundle – $39.99

Be a game designer for $39.99