Homemade tortillas should be a Taco Tuesday staple and this press can make it happen

From ordering from Amazon to paying bills over the web to something as simple as bottled water, we're all hooked on modern convenience. We can't help it. There are just too many modern world advances that save us too much time not to become a creature of comfort and go the easy route. Even if the other way might often provide a better quality product.

Take tortillas. They're probably among the simplest foods on the planet to make yourself at home. But being able to buy a package of 10 tortillas at the grocery store for $2 means most of us never make tortillas from scratch. Even though they definitely taste better than store-bought tortillas.

It's time to take back some of the old — and better — ways. And you can start that retro-revival with the XL Aluminum Tortilla Press so you can make loads of tasty homemade tortillas with amazing ease.

Made in Mexico from recycled aluminum, this durable press turns out large, approximately 9-inch tortillas with a simple pull, ideally sized for tacos and burritos. After a quick fry, you get a tortilla that's all the tasty things you expect — crispy edges with a delicious taste in tandem with a chewy middle to contain all your meats, veggies and other ingredients.

The polished finish makes it an eye-catching addition to the kitchen and the FDA-friendly, rust and flake-resistant surfaces will have you turning out fantastic tortillas year after year. Besides, is there a better return on minimal time and effort than impressing visitors with soft, flaky, hot, and tasty homemade tortillas? No need to respond…we already know the answer to that one.

It even comes with its own simple tortilla recipe. Not that all tortilla recipes aren't simple, but it's just another step toward making your Taco Tuesdays truly worthy of the name.

Regularly $60, you can save 10 percent off and pick one up now for just $54.

Prices are subject to change.

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XL Aluminum Tortilla Press – $54

Press the best for $54