The Backshield doesn't just comfort your back. It retrains and strengthens it too.

Most of us aren't constantly beset by poor posture. But all it takes is some subtle misalignment while you're doing serious hours behind the wheel driving or working away at a desk to do a real number on your back. In fact, most of us are so unaware of the mechanics of good posture that our bodies even find them a little alien when they're forced upon you. 

Thankfully, products like the Backshield Ergonomic Back Support are around to remind your body what good posture actually feels like. 

Crafted from a unique three-layer design, the Backshield can be strapped to a vehicle seat or an office chair and actually start training your back to expect good posture. The Backshield gently lifts the backbone through a patented combination of stiffness, materials, and design, alleviating spinal compression in a manner other lumbar support devices don't really handle.

As it supports the natural curvature of your spine, it keeps your spine, hips, and legs in optimal alignment, which promotes the proper blood flow that reduces inflammation that leads to back pain. 

The Backshield is made from three layers, with a firm, scientifically engineered ergonomic frame made from extra thick ABS plastic for equal parts flexibility and rigidity, an ultra-soft, plush foam layer providing an extra measure of comfort and a textured exterior layer of PopFoam for an attractive, ultra-durable, non-slip virtually indestructible surface that cleans easily and combines to offer back support that isn't too soft and isn't too hard.

While many users report using the Backshield feels slightly awkward or uncomfortable at first, once your back adjusts to regular use after a couple of days, those same users say they feel notable improvement and a happier, healthier back within two to three weeks.

So far, the Backshield is a hit with users, generating 4.4 out of 5 star reviews from nearly 200 customers on Amazon.

Right now, you can save almost $10 off the price of the Backshield Ergonomic Back Support, on sale for just $80.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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