Deckard's whisky glass

Today I chanced across a posting from someone who, in 2002, tracked down the maker of the unusual whiskey glass that the replicant-hunter Deckard drinks from in Blade Runner. They learned then that it had been in production for thirty years and was still available, and so it is today. Now, of course, you don't need to order a case of 12 from Tuscany just to get your hands on a single retrofuturistic, too-angular-to-comfortably-drink-from crystal tumbler: you can just order one from Amazon and have it on your doorstep in two days. Two decades ago, it was an esoteric item of peculiar obsession. Now it's now blatantly marketed as Blade Runner merch.

The manufacturer is Arnolfo Di Cambio, and the designer is Cini Boeri, now 96 years old.

CIBI Double Old Fashioned Glass [Amazon]