PliimPRO eliminates the panic of sharing your screen with a single click

The year 2020 has basically kicked down that door and dragged us all into the Zoom age, whether we like it or not.

And now that we're basically inviting our boss, co-workers and other business associates into our homes via video, we've unwittingly stumbled into all kinds of new potential for embarrassment. Like when you're presenting…and a personal text message from a spouse pops on to the screen. Or when everyone sees our goofy family snapshot desktop. Or when we leave porn tabs open on our browser — like the reporteror the congressional candidate.

PliimPRO was created with the purpose of basically saving Mac users from themselves.

With PliimPRO on board, you can safely share your Mac screen with a click, with no fear of any unexpected surprises. By clicking PliimPRO's Presentation Mode, your screen immediately cleans up its act. All your desktop icons are hidden and notifications are momentarily disabled. Your active apps are out of sight and your speakers get muted. PliimPRO will even change your wallpaper if you choose.

During the course of your presentation, nothing will pop up and distract your audience from your information.

Even if you're in a meeting that isn't your own, PliimPRO also has a single click feature to mute your mic from a persistent touchbar icon or a customized shortcut. Rather than hunt for just the right meeting tab, one button can handle the problem for you.

From Zoom to Skype to all the biggest and most popular video meeting software, PliimPRO runs at the operating system level, so it's compatible with them all. PliimPRO has also been shown to run up to 300 times faster than other versions built with web technologies.

Rather than safety-proof your Mac before every video meeting, ticking through all the possible disturbances one by one, PliimPRO lets you handle it all with a simple button push.

That's a lot of peace of mind PliimPRO's usual $16 price. But it's even more of a steal with the current offer, cutting your total down to just $9.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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PliimPRO: Safely Share Your Screen – $9.99

Share safe for $9.99