These 20 home theater must-haves might make you forget the cineplex

Even as the world takes tentative steps toward reopening against the ebbs and flows of  COVID-19, movie theaters remain in a netherworld limbo. High-profile film releases continue shuffling as theater chains, studios and filmgoers grapple with the fact that an enclosed theater may not be a safe place to be for some time to come. 

By now, you're probably also keenly aware of any shortcomings in your own home theater setup. From poor signals to crunchy sound to a less than perfect image quality, there's always room for an upgrade. To help, we've pulled together 20 standout items from TVs and antennas to projectors and accessories, all of which can add a blast of pizzazz to your home viewing. And it doesn't hurt that everything is up to 68 percent off.


PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector – $279.99; originally $799

This mini projector has powerful right in its name — and with the capacity to beam out an image up to 20 feet across backs up the claim. The PIQO offers full 1080p HD resolution, built-in speakers and complete WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility so you can stream movies, TV shows and other videos right from any device instantly.

AAXA S1 Mini Projector for Nintendo Switch – $289.99; originally $312

While the Nintendo Switch is a truly portable mobile gaming system, this projector truly opens up your gaming to everyone. The lightweight S1 turns your 6-inch Switch screen into a playing surface up to 120 inches across so everyone can see and take part in the action. With a full charge, you'll get up to three hours of gameplay and full stereo sound in this small package.

4K HD DLP Pocket Projector – $299.99; originally $499

You can't find more versatility than this Kinkoo projector, with onboard video support to playback nearly a dozen different file formats at up to 10 feet across easily. It'll even handle almost as many audio formats, making it a perfect streaming music player as well. With HDMI and WiFi hookups, it also fires up 3D content like a champ.

Cinemood 360 Bundle: First Interactive Projector – $328.99; originally $499

This pocket-sized projector might just turn into your kid's new best friend. The best-selling mini projector on Amazon, the Cinemood is completely wireless, supports 360-degree videos and even comes with built-in access to educational Disney content, popular instant video services, and nearly 70 digital books and videos to keep youngsters entertained. It's also completely child-safe, but you'll get a free OmNom Smart Cover to make sure the projector stays safe from your kid.


Mustang Frame Projection Screen 54"x70" 84" Diagonal – $99.99; originally $134

For projecting your video on something other than a dingy white wall, this portable snap-together frame supplies an 84-inch diagonal screening surface in seconds. The screen is acoustically transparent for positioning speakers behind the fabric, which also unclips from the frame and is completely machine washable. No matter where you go, this will be like bringing your own big screen with you.

Accuscreen 800020 Optional Leg/Base Attractive Kit – $109.99; originally $198

It's less than five pounds — and when assembled these eight pieces come together for a mobile, yet attractive black velvet-covered aluminum frame and screen that slides together in just a few seconds. Wherever you need to set up a screen, this kit offers the quality and stability for you to exhibit your video in style. 


Amplified Flat HDTV Antenna – $19.99; originally $47

You can cut the cable cord once and for all with this ultra-thin, ultra-sleek indoor digital HDTV receiver that will pull in all the local TV signals near you for up to 50 miles. With support for up to 1080p resolution on any digital-ready TV, this unit also contains crystal clear filter technology for a clearer picture, lower noise, and access to a wider range of broadcast frequencies. 

Monster Edge 70 Plus Indoor Full HD Antenna – $24.99; originally $39

Monster Aegis 80 Indoor/Outdoor Full HD TV Antenna – $49.99; originally $79

These Monster antennas are designed for easy installation and expanded reach that makes them perfect for long-range, midrange and even urban areas where reception is medium to high. The Monster Edge 70 uses Monster clean signal tech to boost signals, reduce grain and generally clean up your picture, even in storms and other severe weather conditions. 

Meanwhile, the Aegis 80 extends to Edge's 70-mile range up to 80 miles, while widening signal reception to a full 360 degrees, so it doesn't matter what direction your antenna is facing to pick up all your local transmissions.

Remote Controls

Monster 6-in-1 Universal Remote Control – $14.99; originally $19

Monster is also a big name in remote controls — and this 6-in-1 universal controller works in tandem with nearly any TV, cable box, DVD or Blu Ray player, stereo systems or live streaming devices you've got. With this remote, you can lock in your favorite channels and settings. There's also a quick learning feature that launches a set of commands all at once. Just push the button and the remote runs through everything in seconds.

Monster SMART⁺ Universal 2-Device Remote Control – $19.99; originally $29

This remote is the first smart controller that not only works on your TV, but also with a Windows 10 home theater PC or other media devices. With the six-axis gyroscope technology, you'll get precision cursor angles and accurate motion representation. And when you're in PC mode, you can not only use all your favorite Windows function shortcut keys, but there's also a full QWERTY right on the back of the remote to make maneuvering even easier.

TVs and Monitors

LG 32" LT340C Series FHD LED TV – $189.99; originally $306

This 32-inch LED TV handles all your old school broadcast signals, but also sports a variety of inputs and other plug-ins to make it true multimedia centerpiece tech. In addition to real-time remote care, USB data cloning and a time scheduler among its features, you'll have two HDMI ports, a USB port, a VGA plug-in and more to access almost any content when you want it.

Philips Momentum 43" LED 4K UHD Monitor (Certified Refurbished) – $649.99; originally $999

Those vintage 20 and 27-inch monitors just don't do it anymore, so this Philips monster offers us a full 43-inch display for all your surfing, working, gaming and viewing options.  Along with  DisplayHDR 1000 and Quantum Dot Technology for richer, more vibrant colors, there's also the Ambiglow effect that uses a light halo to effectively enlarge the screen and Adaptive-Sync tech to smooth out all the action.

Christie Access Series 75" 4K Ultra HD TV – $3,999.99; originally $5,490

If you need a behemoth screen for your home, conference room or front lobby, this 75-inch LCD panel checks all the right boxes for that awe-inspiring first impression you're looking for. Plug-and-play ready with up to four inputs as well as an OPS slot, this TV is centered around  4K Ultra HD resolution for an absolute pinnacle picture quality and motion experience.

Mounts and Cables

Monster Flat TV Mount – $19.99; originally $34

The wall-mounted big screen won't be going anywhere with a Monster mount. Unlike mounts that tilt or adjust, this mount allows you to get the tightest profile for your TV against the wall, while remaining supremely well fastened. And it's much easier for DIY mounters to get it right as well.

ONE Cable 9' Premium 8K Ultra HDMI Cable – $19.99; originally $24

ONE Cable 12' Premium 4K Ultra HDMI Connectors – $26.99; originally $34

8K is likely the clearest digital image the human eye can even perceive, so this ONE Cable is truly capable of delivering unmatched picture quality. With HDR imaging, high-speed transfer rates and up to 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, this cable virtually eliminates video lag or audio dropout, while the 24-carat gold-plated v-grip connectors lock the cable firmly in place to secure your top-of-the-line images and sound. 

Of course, 4K is still well more than enough for most of us, so you can instead go with a pair of 12-foot 4K compatible cables as well. Either way, you ensure video quality virtually unmatched from any other connector.


Sony Over-Ear Wireless Stereo TV Headphone System (Open Box) – $34.95; originally $110

A two-pack of Sony headphones for under $35 is a rare shopping find — and these open-box models deliver all the quality you'd expect from the Sony name. Plug in these noise-reducing headphones pumping out dynamic, detailed sound with 40mm drivers as you enjoy your audio at up to 150 feet away without ever disturbing anyone else. With voice mode optimization to focus in on dialogue, the 13-hour battery life should be more than enough juice to carry you through any monologue.

Tunai Wand Bluetooth Transmitter for TV – $49.99; originally $59

Whether you're a sports fan, movie lover or a console gamer, the TUNAI Wand turns your TV into a Bluetooth-capable device for connecting to wireless headphones or speakers. Able to mount magnetically to the back of your TV, the Wand uses dual aptX low latency to keep voices synced and work for up to two pairs of headphones at a range up over 150 feet.

EVE Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver – $59.99; originally $69

With a button press, the EVE brings your Nintendo Switch, Playstation, car audio system, and other non-Bluetooth enabled gadgets right into your wireless headphones or earbuds. Rechargeable with up to eight hours of wireless play, the EVE has one-touch connectivity and easily switches between transmit and receive modes.

Prices are subject to change.

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