What's discrete math? Here's the course that could help launch your computer science career.

For anyone with designs on understanding or even getting hired in a computer science field, instruction like the Discrete Mathematics Course offers a building block skill set that can be applied across all kinds of disciplines.

In case you're worried that all sounds incredibly dry, you'll certainly feel better in the hands of instructor Miran Fattah. An experienced math and geophysics teacher, one former student said the course "took topics that appeared to be complex and simplified them with the use of great analogies and tossing the jargon out the window."

This 17-hour course breaks down the language of math into eight different sections: Sets, Logic, Number Theory, Proofs, Functions, Relations, Graph Theory, Statistics, and Combinatorics. In each, Fattah uses practical, real-world examples to help bring the concepts to life, and show how the idea applies. 

In those relatable terms, students will learn the language of math and math symbols, how to read and prove mathematical statements and how to construct truth tables to find the falsehood or truthfulness of compound statements.  

While unlocking ideas behind Boolean Expressions, black boxes, logical gates, digital circuits and other related topics, you'll earn some hard-won knowledge that applies directly to computer science tasks. So even if you've never taken a computer science course before, you'll already be talking their language in the aftermath of this training.

Regularly a $199 value, this core math training is now on sale at a huge savings, just $15.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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