Thinking about a standing desk in your home office? We've got some great suggestions

After several months of working from home, it's safe to say many of us won't be heading back to the office again anytime soon. So, if home is your new professional headquarters for the foreseeable future, when are you going to admit working from the dining room table just isn't cutting it?

Even if you are working from a home office, is it really outfitted as a fully comfortable and healthy working space for 40 hours or more each week?

Ergonomics matter. Standing desks can help combat weight gain, stave off heart disease, reduce back pain and more. Right now, this collection of 10 standing desks, desk converters and other standing desk accessories can finally make your new professional hub the welcoming, comfortable place any work center should be.

Anti-Fatigue Mat with Double-Ball Insert – $89.99; originally $104

An anti-fatigue standing desk floor mat can help combat the fatigue of standing for hours during your day, so this mat with a textured massaging and double-ball massage inserts can help you stay comfortable and productive. Made with high-density, performance-grade rubber foam, this mat offers thick support while giving you a deep, relaxing foot massage.

Portable Lazy Laptop Desk – $134.95; originally $199

Even when you're away from an actual desk, you still need proper support, so this is the perfect desktop when you're reading, surfing while watching TV, lounging in a recliner and more. This laptop desk features tablet, pen and phone holders as well as over 21 inches of wrist padding to help relax your wrists while keeping your laptop firmly in place.

WorkEZ Best Laptop Stand with Mouse Pad – $33.99; originally $39

This laptop stand works even away from any desk. With adjustable heights and angles, this riser can prompt your laptop to just the right position even if you're sitting on the couch or laying in bed. No matter where you are, you can prevent hunching, reduce monitor glare and sit up straight from virtually any position.

CD4 Standing Desk Converter – $71.99; originally $89

A standing desk converter can give you all the advantages of a standing desk at a fraction of the price — and at only 7 lbs., this laptop stand and converter can be easily moved into the most comfortable position for you. Even if you're only trying to train yourself to sit with a better posture, this converter can help.

LIFT Standing Desk Conversion – $79.99; originally $99

Elevate them, tilt them, modify their angle — this adjustable monitor stand, keyboard tray, and mouse pad set can do the trick and directly impact your health. This setup even creates a separate shelf for extra desktop storage and organization.

CHANGEdesk MINI Standing Desk Converter – $84.99; originally $99

The CHANGEdesk series offers extraordinary range, compressing as low as three inches off the desktop up through four height levels to a maximum height of 14 inches. A tight, compact desktop riser, this model is also spring-assisted, so it will easily bounce to just the level that suits you.

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter – $182.99; originally $199

This is one of the more spacious desk converters you'll find, with a 35-inch-wide tabletop area large enough to accommodate a dual monitor setup along with other devices like laptops or tablets. It's hefty enough to hold up to 33 lbs and rise up over 2.5 feet.

Electric CHANGEdesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk – $199; originally $249

This desk riser pops to just the height you want at the push of a button. One of the tallest standing desk conversion units anywhere at up over two feet off your desktop, the fast, smooth and safe all-electric adjustment means no lifting ever. Made from high strength steel, this can offer comfortable eye-level positioning even for those standing almost 6.5 feet tall.

Lift Sit-to-Stand Desk Accessory – $329.99; originally $399

When you're ready to do the standing desk thing, but demand a high level of aesthetics and class, this attractive light bamboo desk riser fits the bill. In addition to looking more than like custom furniture than office equipment, this accessory has a built-in dry erase board, a mouse pad, felt storage trays, display docks for your smartphone and tablet and even side clips to keep all your dangling wires neat and orderly.

RiseUp Electrical Height Adjustable Standing Desk – $369.99; originally $449

If you're ready to go all-in on a full standing desk, this is the premium electric, adjustable height piece you're looking for. Ergonomically crafted, this desk features dual motors, 3-stage lifting columns, a memory keypad to remember your favorite positions, and anti-collision protection so your desk does rise or fall too quickly. Built to last, this is the full-featured standing desk you always wanted.

Prices are subject to change.

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