My low-sugar vanilla chocolate chip ice cream recipe

In the first issue of The Magnet (my new newsletter), I shared my recipe for very low-carb almond flour bread. It calls for 3 egg whites. When I make this bread, I usually make a double batch, which leaves me with 6 egg yolks. I didn't want to waste them, though, and I knew ice cream often uses egg yolks, so I decided to try making ice cream. I also had an old, inexpensive Cuisinart ice cream maker that I hadn't used in at least a decade. (I stopped using it because I didn't think it made very good ice cream. It was too soft.)

I looked around for recipes and found this one in The New York Times. It looked easy to make — the only ingredients were cream, milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, and, most importantly, 6 egg yolks.

For the past four weekends, I've been experimenting with the ingredients and the churning time, and last weekend I finally made ice cream I love enough to share the recipe for.

Read the recipe in The Magnet 0002.