This training will help you develop in-demand Salesforce knowledge and skills

When it started in 1999, San Francisco-based upstart Salesforce wanted to become the primary digital home for companies to track their interactions with clients and work on converting more sales through better communication and smarter analytics. 

Fast forward 20 years and Salesforce has mostly accomplished that goal. As the world's no. 1 customer relationship management platform and the world's fifth-largest software firm, Salesforce is now uniquely positioned to be even more. Integrating production, marketing, app development and more, Salesforce can realistically serve as a beating heart of a company's entire digital life.

Understanding Salesforce and the armada of tools available through its interface is becoming an increasingly vital business skillset, so the training in The Complete Salesforce Trailhead 2020: From Zero to Hero 7-Course Bundle can get students familiar with it all.

These seven courses are each led by certified Salesforce expert Jimmy Tanzil, who uses Salesforce's own Trailhead training process to guide students through their first tentative interactions with the Salesforce platform all the way up to mastery status.

The training gets started on the Admin Trail, a collection of modules, examples, quizzes and other training that helps first-timers understand all the capabilities of Salesforce. Over three Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Trail courses, Tanzil first explains the basics of using Salesforce, including how to load data, use formula fields, control system access and automate simple processes. From there, training builds to more complicated operations like customizing workflows, monitoring events, and even setting up company-wide organizational settings.

Now that students understand how to work in Salesforce, the next step is understanding how to make Salesforce work for you and your company. With Developer Beginning Trail and Intermediate Trail training, learners start creating their own Salesforce apps keyed to each individual business. That includes topics like development basics, how to use Visualforce, Apex testing, Search Solution basics, User Interface APIs, and some of the powerful mobile and integration tools that make Salesforce an industry titan.

The package also includes training in how to navigate Salesforce's highly useful Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary feature; as well as the Developing AppExchange App Trail, which outlines how to develop, package, and test an AppExchange app of your own.

Regularly $299, this deep dive into the Salesforce world is now available at a big discount, only $25 with the current offer.

Prices are subject to change.

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