If you're looking for an iPad deal that won't break the bank consider going refurbished

We were already moving closer to the day where every man, woman and child would have their own iPad before COVID-19, but now…it's even more vital. 

With distance learning and other activities, kids need their own working devices to handle schoolwork and beyond. Of course, nobody is looking forward to paying up to $1,149 to outfit every member of their household with their own iPad. 

So instead, allow Apple to help you out with one of their certified refurbished iPads at up to hundreds off their regular price. While all of these models come from previous generations, they've all been given a thorough inspection by Apple-certified technicians and deemed to be in top shape and operating like the day they came out of the box.

And right now, you can choose from models representing literally every branch of the extended Apple iPad family.

iPad Classic

iPad 2 16GB Black (Wi-Fi Only) – $106.99; originally $399

iPad 3 64GB Black (Wi-Fi Only) – $179; originally $399

iPad 3 64GB White (Wi-Fi Only) – $179; originally $299

iPad 4 16GB Black (Wi-Fi Only) – $134.99; originally $199

iPad 4 32GB Black (Wi-Fi Only) – $210; originally $399

iPad 4 32GB White (Wi-Fi Only) – $219.99; originally $499

iPad 5th Gen 32GB (Wi-Fi Only) – $290; originally $399

iPad 6th Gen 32GB (Wi-Fi Only) – $359.99; originally $399

Since the iPad launched in 2010, the classic 9.7-inch screen edition has been laying down the always steady and reliable bass line for the entire iPad family. While it no longer has the firepower or glitzy credentials of its younger, flashier siblings, the various generations of classic iPads are all still workhorses of value for their relatively low price.

Advancing from the iPad 2's A5 processor up through the 6th generation's A9, the iPad has always had a primed dual-core chip running operations, making it a go-to solution for working on the go, watching your favorite movies or TV shows, surfing the web and doing virtually anything else you could on a computer in a much more portable package. Each model also has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and offers about 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Models on sale now have either black or white bezels and come in a variety of storage space sizes from 16GB up to 64GB for handling all your document and media file needs. Starting at just over $100, these are a perfect school accessory for all the youngsters studying from their screens this year that won't put a hurt on the family budget.

iPad Air

iPad Air 2 32GB – Space Gray (Wi-Fi Only) – $259; originally $399

iPad Air 2 32GB – Space Gray (Wi-Fi Only) – $279; originally $299

iPad Air 2 64GB – Space Grey (Wi-Fi Only) – $344.99; originally $399

With a little more power than its older sibling, but not quite on pace with its heftier brother the iPad Pro, the iPad Air is the quintessential middle child. It seldom gets the attention it deserves, yet is constantly ready to surprise you with its versatility.

As befitting its name, the Air 2 is thinner and lighter than its iPad classic predecessors, weighing less than one pound. Yet, the Air also features improved performance, courtesy of its beefy Apple A8X 1.5GHz processor, capable of moving through apps at a blistering pace without lags and delays. Its 9.7-inch Retina display can help you enjoy your favorite content in amazing detail with 2048 x 1536 resolution, and you can snap images with the onboard front and rear-facing cameras.

Again, the major differentiator between these varied refurbished models is storage size, so whether you can get by on 32GB or would rather step up to a more generous 64GB drive, the Air still sports ample space for students and non-students alike to be productive and entertained. 

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 16GB – Black (Wi-Fi Only) – $114.99; originally $199

iPad Mini 16GB – Black/Slate (Wi-Fi Only) – $119; originally $299

iPad Mini 16GB – Black (Wi-Fi Only) – $125; originally $360

iPad Mini 3 64GB – Silver (Wi-Fi Only) – $239.99; originally $399

iPad Mini 4 64GB – Space Gray (Wi-Fi Only) – $295; originally $499

iPad Mini 4 128GB – Space Gray (Wi-Fi Only) – $355; originally $499

While it's clear from the name and screen size (just 7.9 inches) that the iPad Mini is the daintiest member of the iPad line, don't let its diminutive profile fool you. Despite its ultra-portability, the Mini actually has more processing heft than many tablet models, including some of its own iPad brothers.

Powered by A5 through A8 processors, the Mini has the speed and ability to multitask through various apps at once. From the first generation Minis with their LED-backlit multi-touch displays up through the more recent Mini 4 with its retina screen, the Mini also provides vivid contrast and true-to-life color, and its dual cameras let you snap stunning photos wherever you go.

Of course, the Mini's most impressive calling card is still its size, capable of easily slipping into a coat pocket or bag for easy transport and use, even where other tablet models can't go.

Right now, you can choose one of three different versions of the original 16GB Mini with different grades for its overall condition; or pay a bit more for a Mini 3 or Mini 4, including a 4 with up to 128GB of hard drive space.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB  (Wi-Fi Only) – $335; originally $599

iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB – Space Gray (Wi-Fi + 4G) – $439; originally $599

iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB – Space Gray (Wi-Fi + 4G) – $425; originally $599

iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB – Space Grey  (Wi-Fi Only) – $479.99; originally $549

iPad Pro 11" 512GB – Silver (Wi-Fi + 4G) – $999.99; originally $1,149

Finally, the iPad Pro is the Hercules of the iPad family, the biggest, boldest and baddest of the line. This professional-grade tablet was designed for high-end use, sporting both screen size and processing power to satisfy artists, graphic designers and others who need high definition, premium production ability and the computing power to support it.

With screen sizes between 9.7 inches up to 11 inches, they all feature a fully-laminated anti-reflective LED-backlit touch-sensitive Retina display. With dual cameras, this iPad allows you to shoot quality stills and record crisp video. 

Powered by an Apple A9X, A10 Fusion, A10X or A12X processor, each version of the Pro also delivers better and faster performance than previous models. Meanwhile, several of these varieties are both WiFi and cellular-enabled, including the crown jewel of the entire collection, an 11-inch Pro that moves faster than many laptops and houses a whopping 512GB of onboard storage.

Prices are subject to change.

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