Thom Dunn talks about Irish-American culture and identity on the Motherfoclóir podcast

I've written here before about Irish language and identity stuff, but my friend Darach Ó Séaghdha was kind of enough to have me onto the popular Irish podcast Motherfoclóir to talk at length about diaspora, assimilation, colonialism, and the cultural embarrassment of Plastic Paddies with gross green beer and shitty "St. Patty's Day" parties.

And yes, I am very transparent with my feelings on American Republicans of Irish descent who misunderstand everything Irish Republicanism. I also talk about my as-yet-unpublished supernatural Irish Boston punk rock noir novel Pints of 'Gansett Make You Strong, which Darach actually helped me with a bit.

Motherfoclóir is "a podcast about words, Irish, Irish words, and words from Ireland" ("foclóir" being the Irish word for "words"). It's also the title of host Darach Ó Séaghdha's best-selling English-language book about the Irish language (he's also written a follow-up about Hiberno-English, with the similarly clever titular pun of Craic Baby).

Forty Shades Of Green Beer: Evolving Perceptions Of Irish America With Thom Dunn [Motherfoclóir / Headstuff]

Image: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy (Public Domain)