From PMP to Six Sigma to Minitab, this training is your first step to project management mastery

Project managers have a lot of responsibility on their plate when they're hip-deep in a major project. They have to ride herd over the project, but they also need to constantly gather data, analyze the results, modify their processes, and report back on all of it to the various project stakeholders.

This difficult position has even more moving parts than you might expect. And that's before you even consider the varying methodologies of the popular project management approaches. You can get a healthy dose of how to break it all down with the training in The Ultimate PMP, Six Sigma and Minitab Certification Bundle.

This collection features 12 courses that dig deep into two of the most used project management methodologies PMP and Six Sigma. There's also a healthy exploration of Minitab, the widely available statistics software that enables data analysis for these types of projects.

You can start with three courses leaning on PMP training. In Lean Masterclass: Part 1 (Become Certified Lean Proficient); Lean Masterclass: Part 2 (Become a Certified Lean Expert); and Lean Masterclass: Become a Certified Just-In-Time Specialist, students examine how to plan and execute a project as well as methods for improving its success rate.

While PMP focuses on process, Six Sigma centers on finding and eliminating variations and defects inside that process. Here, you get six courses that progress your Six Sigma training from white belt beginner through green and yellow belt practitioners to multiple black belt certification mastery stages.

Finally, since Six Sigma emphasizes data-driven methods and statistics to identify and solve problems, the training closes out with the three-part Minitab Masterclass. Armed with tactics for using graphical tools, control charts, and hypothesis tests, students have the well-rounded education to oversee important company initiatives and add some serious credential certifications to their resume.

This in-depth project management omnibus package including nearly $2,000 worth of training is available now for hundreds less, just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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