Bizarre performance of The Del Rubio Triplets on the New Monkees (1987)

Remember the Del Rubio Triplets? The three sisters who played guitars, dressed alike and wore too-short dresses…? You probably recognize their campy act from eighties shows like Pee-wee's Playhouse ("These Boots are Made for Walking" and "Winter Wonderland"), Full House ("Whip it!"), and Golden Girls ("Neutron Dance").

However, Milly, Eadie, and Elena didn't start performing in the eighties, their career was actually 50+ years long. In fact, one of their first performances was on a Bob Hope Christmas special in 1956. Their career got a big late-in-life boost after Allee Willis rediscovered them. She gave them the stage at her renowned quirky parties at her home, Willis Wonderland.

From there, the sisters were soon signed to appear on TV shows. Perhaps the strangest of those appearances was on the New Monkees though. Remember the New Monkees? You're welcome.

Sunday would have been the Del Rubio triplets' 99th birthday.

(Pee-wee Herman)

screengrabs via YouTube