Check out these 9 land and sea scooters that'll boost your summer fun quotient

For the most part, we're all sticking close to home this summer. And that's not just international trips or jet setting across the country that are on hold. Even traditional car travel is expected to finish down at least 15 percent from last year's figures. It will be the first decline in U.S. summer travel in more than a decade.

Yet, while we aren't doing the big traveling of recent years, the quick weekend jaunts are all we've got to help keep us sane this summer. And for cruising around a new neighborhood on land or zipping through the waves in the water, there are plenty of personal electric skateboards as well as land and underwater scooters that can help make this summer feel a little more normal.

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Urban E-Skateboard: Basic Version – $113.95 after discount; originally $450

At only 7 pounds and 17 inches, this E-Skateboard easily fits in your bag for transport (even on a plane). But with it's in-hub 150-watt motor, it'll zip you around at up to 12mph for up to 10 miles on a single charge. It's even got a wireless remote so you can shift between the board's three separate speed modes.

Jetson Eris Electric Scooter – $474.05 after discount; originally $499

Here's a mini-scooter that can even power its way up 20-degree hills and inclines without a problem. The LCD display lets you monitor your speed, mileage and battery life at a glance while the 250-watt motor can keep you moving even when you start to get tired and run out of push power.

ATTO High-Performance Mobility Scooter – $2,659.05 after discount; originally $2,799

For those who have trouble walking, this scooter is a picture of stability and maneuverability on the go. With three-wheel styling for a sharp turning radius and features like a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, easy to master forward and reverse controls and a weight capacity of 220 lbs., it can get plenty of unsure walkers back on the streets. It also folds up to the size of a small suitcase or can be split into two pieces for easy transport.

Swii Electronic Kickboard – $351.50 after discount; originally $399

The Swii brings all the buoyancy and stability of the standard kickboard, yet none of the needed kicking power. The built-in dual propeller system offers enough power to glide users through the water effortlessly — and it's also safe enough for kids as young as six to take it across the pool for a spin.

Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooter – $341.95 after discount; originally $399

From swimming to serious diving, the Geneinno will have you exploring the ocean depths at up to 100 feet down. It runs for up to an hour, links to your smartphone to constantly monitor conditions, and even has a spot to mount a GoPro for really cool underwater footage.

Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter (Space Blue) – $474.05 after discount; originally $699

Whiteshark MixPro Underwater Scooter – $589 after discount; originally $699

Whiteshark's compact, ultra-lightweight scooters are always poised for undersea adventure — and each of these models cut the waves with style and plunge riders up to 130 feet below the surface. The Mix treats riders to safe trips traveling up to 3.35 mph for about half an hour.

Meanwhile, the Mix Pro pushes that envelope, offering a touch more speed if needed even as it doubles your ride time up to a full 60 minutes on a single charge. Just grab the handles, squeeze the trigger and you're off.

Trident Underwater Scooter – $522.49 after discount; originally $699

Packing dual powerful props, the Trident really moves in the water. Successfully funded on Indiegogo, the Trident not only cuts the water with a propulsive force up to 26 lbs., it's also got an on-bard battery optimization system to help keep your camera, lights and adventure going as long as possible.

NAVBOW Underwater Scooter – $855 after discount; originally $999

Here's the underwater scooter specifically engineered for diving enthusiasts. With a 4.47 mph max speed and 130-foot depth range, this scooter will take you anywhere, even one-handed. It also consumes less oxygen for fewer bubbles and clear gliding through the water for all your diving and underwater photography needs.

Prices are subject to change.

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