With this SEO training, you'll learn how you can rank highly on Google

For all of the impact of Google and social media advertising, most brands still know the truth — over half of all website traffic is the result of real-life organic search. That means for every dollar a company pours into Facebook advertising, there's another, even more effective way to bring visitors to your website for a whole lot less money.

While understanding and optimizing your site and content requires expertise and focused attention, it's actually a more sustainable long term answer than digital ads. With the training in the SEO Blueprint to Rank #1 on Google Course Bundle, you'll have all the background you need to understand why SEO is important and outline an SEO strategy that works for your business.

Even if you don't know a thing about search engine optimization, these eight courses explain it all while offering crucial steps worth following to help you land your pages right where you want them to be — at the top of Google search rankings.

A pair of courses serve as perfect SEO introductions, The Ultimate SEO Blueprint: How to Easily Rank #1 on Google and 2020 SEO For Beginners: Boost Your Website. Unlike the ongoing costs of advertising, these courses explain how understanding SEO and implementing changes instantly makes your site more authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy to Google with no added costs. By laying out proven techniques, these courses help businesses make their website or blog more user-friendly and search-friendly and can help them reach a larger audience, sometimes in just a single day.

Additional coursework delves into more specific areas of SEO, including one of the most critical areas of optimization: keyword research. How to Do Keyword Research for SEO and Ranking on Google takes you inside that process, covering every step of how to conduct proper keyword study, determine the commercial intent with your keywords, as well as use Google Keyword Planner.

Courses like YouTube Marketing: Drive Traffic, Promote Offers, Profit will help you optimize your YouTube content, while Do It Yourself Local SEO for the Small Business Owner explains the more specialized lessons that local businesses need to understand to get an SEO bump as well. 

A nearly $500 collection of training, this offer slashes your price on this SEO package down to just $29.99, less than $4 per course.

Prices are subject to change.

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