If you have always wanted to write your own novel or screenplay this training guide is a great starting point

Staring at the blank page is often the most intimidating moment of any writing project. Deciding exactly what to say and how to say it can be nerve-racking. If you're writing fiction, you've also got a whole separate set of questions that need answering.

Have you worked out your story beats? Have you defined your characters? Most importantly, have you truly determined what your work is supposed to be saying to your readers?

Big questions all, but knowing your work before you start to write is key to your success, regardless of the type of story you're telling. With the training in The Ultimate Creative Novel and Screenwriting Academy Bundle, students get expert guidance in bringing that story from idea to the page.

The collection features 11 courses with nearly 50 hours of instruction, offering proven techniques for story building throughout several different popular genres.

While novel writing is the heart of this compilation, non-fiction writers get some attention too in the Non-Fiction Writing Workshop and Write Your Life Story courses. Each offers helpful advice on the steps for writing either a non-fiction work or your biography.

If you're going to tell a story, you need to understand how that story works. That's the basis for the Novel Writing Workshop,  which breaks down the process of successful novel writing into six simple steps.

While the structure of a novel is mostly constant, various genres of writing often live and work under their own set of time-honored guidelines. Five of the biggest sub-genres and all of their idiosyncrasies earn focus here with courses in writing for children (Writing for Children), young adults (Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop), or fans of the sci-fi/fantasy (Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy), mystery (Mystery Writing Workshop) and romance (Romance Writing Workshop) markets.

In Publish Your Book Now, you learn what to do with your finished tome, including the steps for self-publishing in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats through Amazon and Kindle, often in the same day. 

Since you might want to turn your book into a movie someday, the Screenwriting Workshop teaches the basics of creating and polishing a screenplay step by step, while Adapting Novel to Screenplay lays out how to adapt your original work into this new form.

Each of these 11 courses is a $199 value, but with the current deal, the entire package is available now for less than $5 per course, just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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